Self Publishing: Wannabe Writers Beware

Awesome, delicate. Very beautifull 😃👍

Gwen Benaway


While I was recently giving a workshop on the writing practice, I was asked my opinion on self publishing. I was doing the workshop wrap up and nearing the end of my allotted time, so I gave a glib answer with little depth. Later, I was asked by some of the workshop attendees to clarify my position in more detail, as a few of the participants were seriously considering self publishing and wanted my insights. I figured it was a perfect blog topic, given how much it’s been in the news. I’m going to target my comments towards my fellow Indigenous writers, but I imagine the same thoughts would apply for writers from other marginalized communities as well. I expect that many of the same considerations also apply for mainstream writers even if some of the rationales are slightly different. I’ll also point out that what follows is my lowly…

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