Argentina-World Fantasy Country, as Fernet Branca, unique in the world

Like Disney World, the Land of Fantasies. In 1930, the first political-military coup overthrew Hipólito Yrigoyen Uriburu, first government NOT conservative pro-worthy citizens at all levels, the stage begins FANTASY ARGENTINA-WORLD COUNTRY. From there it’s brilliant 1853 Constitution is not exercised as the LAW OF LAWS if not raped and distorted by politicians serial rapists. Big mistake because with it as provost, was the backbone for the development of the great country dreamed we were in those years, “to all beings in the world who wish to dwell on Argentine soil”. The power groups in Argentina are believed as “Fernet Branca, UNIQUE IN THE WORLD”, where everything can transgress “a piacere” because with wheat and cows, were the powerful “world’s granary”, denying the vectors of the social-economic inertia EVERYONE western marking undoubtedly other directions. World history can be painted “broad brush rudely,” which in 1800, with the invention of the steam engine and the beginning of the Industrial Age, the black slaves of Africa leave be useful as productive labor, were born LAS MACHINES. In the Assembly of 1813, in Argentina and in the world, before and after, more or less; humanity humanitarian mask sets, and gives “FREEDOM TO exclave”. … AND YES, THE FREE YOUR LUCK, LET THE FEEDING TO WORK FOR THEM. USELESS JUNK … WERE MORE EXPENSIVE AND COMPLICATED than machines, these did not bring many problems. Since 1850, more or less, hereinafter born masse, to the new era, the skilled labor for industry, but slave of capital, and the miserable working conditions. But in countries where intelligent than expected for the story is headed, Capital Power is negotiating with the emerging unions, better working conditions, micro-grants, which over time, created great differences. Thus, gradually evolve into societies with socialization of labor, worker protection laws, etc.. Sweden, Finland, Germany, England, USA, etc.. Also born Communist revolutionary utopia, as in Russia, which only brought tragedy to themselves and humanity, because it was a delirium of inconsistencies. When reading The Capital of Karl Mark, what a world happy and wonderful presents, … peeeero the problem that is not true! Land reform in Russia, where he worked the land was his land, and what was produced there for him, sometimes he was well exploited, but the rest was for the state. Almost never! Only plans that grew to humanity, have been matured processes with the speed of life. You can not get a human baby in less than 9 months of gestation, and a wonderful apple in less than a season, and as long as both were beautifully manicured. But FANTASY ARGENTINA-WORLD COUNTRY, remains almost slave labor rural laborer, only productive labor of the country agro-export, without any right or minimal benefit. The benefits and social improvements that took place in the world, no country Branca. Come the 40s of the twentieth century, with FANTASY ARGENTINA-WORLD COUNTRY, and the bottom, had a delay of recognition of rights of workers over 65 years REALITY world history. Those benefits were retained capital and brutally repressed until, if it was necessary, for the conservative economic and political power. Truly egregious historical error, and explosive, as the current exchange rate of our currency gaps and REALITY, which is measured by the dollar BLUE. With the advent of world historical power mechanisms of mass populism, as a power factor successful for unscrupulous politicians and power hungry unpunished; appears Peron, in our country, those in power speaks, the people subjugated, he rights and benefits given. Come Peron to power and fabulous RICHES in Central Bank reserves, makes giving handouts to starving mass without rights, squandering wealth. Thus achieving wills, with complicity coopted corruptly, instead of having invested and created a powerful national industry, which would have been beneficial to the entire national spectrum, workers, industry and agriculture. Monetary policy issued fiat currency Peron: The dollar from 1913 to 1946, in 33 years, had risen from $ 2.37 to $ 4.13 USD / U $ A, 2.2% a year. In the DECADE Peron, the dollar goes from $ 4.13 to 31.50 / U $ A, 763%, or more than 1000% in 10 years, than in the previous 33. That makes Peron inflation was 3300% more destructive. There they destroyed Argentina’s currency forever, and subsequent governments, did not know / could eradicate. It is known that swim in inflationary economies, are of great business for close to power. In other words no errors were innocent. ARGENTINA 67 YEARS DOES NOT HAVE MONEY, and this is one of the cancers that do not fight, inflation and makes our country is sinking more and more. In 67 years, $ 1 in 1946, now converted to $ 0,, egregious nonsense, that no other country in the world with the worst story, and that any of us do not know give dimension to the catastrophe, by looking at the number. But in the Country Branca, anything can happen and the protesters, or pose a DIFFERENT economy are medially: HIGH TRAITORS TO THE NATION, and sold to monopolies. No doubt we are a country Branca! The hard-very hard about the reality of the economy, which has its own immutable laws, as in physics the law of gravity. So to moderate inflation are inevitable collateral damage also gets to the poorest, both minor and have the ability and ethical application of national economic policies to achieve it. UNIONS UNIONS PERÓN make an Authoritarian, despotical CORPORATE AND CORRUPT, AND MERCENARY IMPACT FORCE OF POWER, and generates a new bourgeoisie perverse with autonomous and independent power, THAT TODAY remains INTACT. All this supported by a PERONISMO REPORT; created by Apold; capitalizing EVITA mystical phenomenon. Since the power is fed class hatred and divides and pits Argentinos, “PERONIST NOY FOR NOTHING BETTER THAN A PARTNER PERONIST”. As seen THE STORY, not an invention KK. Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Castro, Chavez, all invented his. The historical repetition cycles democratically elected governments, the serial rapists C. National or ineffective, and / or civil-military coups, NEVER embraced Laws Act, so that with its mechanisms, we might have to correct and straighten the ravings of those in power. From the false return to democracy in 1983, all governments wanted to refound the Republic as their hidden ambitions insane, DOES NOT CORRUPT AS KK, trying to change the Law of Laws, or by coup gangsters, disguised as democratic but always unconstitutional. CONCLUSION As you can see, from 1930 to today, with minor variations, models repeat the mistakes of social-economic-political nonsense with fancy STORIES THAT DENY REALITY stubbornly. Argentina is the ONLY company as a shipping company that builds boats Sinkable cork. Something impossible to achieve, because as evidenced by the Archimedes principle of PHYSICS, why can ONLY occur in FANTASY ARGENTINA-WORLD COUNTRY That as FERNET Branca, INSIST ON BEING UNIQUE IN THE WORLD … And so we go, on a ” Downhill on the track “unstoppable every day is accelerated. Robert Dansey




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