Dining of the Hungry and the Full

Color me in Cyanide and Cherry


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Dining of the Hungry and the Full

The serpent
wears our clothes
and sheds the skin
to mend the symptoms
of the euthanasia,
droplets fresh and moist –
a sea of prickling salt
gives a place to drowse in
as the envenomed chrysalis
metamorphoses and sews
a threnody of pain
for a daisy plucked in confusion;
I have slept through
the un-seaming
of the Sun
into a nocturno,
waiting for Lady Justice to weight me
like a leaf of Autumn.
Asking the veins romancing the flesh
What is the bruto
of the honeycomb
behind the lung?
When your ribcage is my prison
and I rattle the bars
in Morse code;
a seeming improvement
of my previous self
that was an armless mime.

I have you
and I have you not,
like a game
of peons under masks
and self-inflicted scars,
like blades pointed upwards
on our palms

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