iTunes the seven-headed monster

Sometimes iTunes does not open out of fear. The icon is there, in the Dock. I know that does not bite, nor I intended no harm, but something inside me warns me against him. Is it so big and unfathomable it is? Of course, when the software update shows me that there is a new version of iTunes, I true buttocks dance dread and I swear to myself that it will not be today when I submit my poor brain to understanding a new interface . Once upon a time … Not long since synchronize the iPad because my dear iCacharro is of 64 gb, so and so, once you’ve given it bellyful of charge thousands of songs, hundreds of videos, and pictures almost all, service have a good season. But time, the loyal friend of the unfortunate, which passes inexorably bronze wheel. Sooner or later I will have to face the monster again with seven heads, the hydra angry waiting for me to claim me everything you owe. When the day comes, I “curras hard” and, frankly, nothing happens. Sales through as best you can and disconnect the computer waiting iPad not having loaded the whole discography of your generation. At the same time, you wonder if there will be any mortal who trajine that the tv shows, series, the podscast, etc. (“be in the U.S.”-think-). What surely get to say at some point, is: “Jod .., could not they make it a little easier? Blessed What was plug & play? Would pay because it was just drag and drop on a USB key ” I know that you can drag and drop files on certain applications, but not enough. I think Apple should “chop” iTunes. And I end up doing, you’ll see that I’m half witch for these things. Imagine: I open “iSyncAll” and I see two big quads onscreen. In the first the word “Browse my Mac ..” inscribed in a circle inside the second, nothing, just a watermark that says “Drag here.” Okay, we add a couple of menus to those who want the latest importing sync iPhoto or third episode of “Lost” (pun intended), but little else. I open “iSyncMusic” I see aside the songs I have on the Mac and on the other, the songs that I have on the iPad. I drag left or right according to my convenience and ready. ISyncBooks Abro, iSyncPhoto, iSyncVideo, iSyncDocuments and the same … and so, “ad infinitum”. I choose with what app or apps I want to relate the files I’m turning to the iPad and go. And if I want to buy music, open iTunes. Okay, there, I can also play iTunes music available to me, but not offer me an interface that applies to a million things because the world has long since changed. And partly changed thanks to you and Steve when he commented that the post-PC era. He took to the jugular not because they believed it was wrong, but because they feared that the had. Who pasty mouth feel cold sweat in the neck, as the iTunes icon currency, as happens to me, has “iTools” which you can download here. Perhaps we dedicate a post soon, as long as iTunes is not open one of its huge jaws and swallow us whole and as if by magic.


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