iPhone 6 Release We have said repeatedly that the iPhone 6 has to submit many improvements to return to being number 1 in the smartphone market but as we are seeing, the iPhone 5S has not succeeded and competing devices, which are older have better features. For this reason, and others, are starting to get me doubts whether the iPhone 6 really is the model that will return the excitement and force the iPhone have had in recent years, especially considering that the Galaxy S5 will have its launch shortly and would completely overshadow the next model of Apple. Know in detail the possible features that will have the Samsung Galaxy S5. iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5 iPhone 6 Release For those who do not know the Galaxy S5 will be presented in early 2014 at CES. Samsung and ensures that your chip will be 64-bit to be on par with the iPhone 5S. Also 8-core processor could be the variety Exynos 5 to 6 getting that consumes 50% less power and generate less heat than current models. As for the RAM and processor speed because at least would have to be at par with the Galaxy Note 3 having 3 GB of RAM and 2.3 GHz processor. Really amazing! The iPhone 6 has to take note of what you are doing if you want to Galaxy models to live up to the day of its release. Related Post: iPhone 5s vs Galaxy S4 differences: comparison table As for the screen size, I must say that the current model is 5 inches, so the Galaxy S5 could be between 5.3 and 5.5 inches. With respect to the resolution is full HD and see if the technology will flexime or IGZO Youm, the latest Sharp screens. With respect to the camera could possibly be 16 megapixel CMOS, far from the 20 MP of the Xperia Z1 but may be considered more than enough since we are talking about a smartphone. And indeed, although the iPhone 6 maintains or improves a little more current the 8 megapixel, if you get the pictures you make are excellent quality, would be more than enough because normally more megapixel does not mean that the pictures are better. Related Post: 10 things the iPhone 6 should have the Galaxy S4 And finally, we’ll talk about one last feature that companies tend to forget a lot but is a very important aspect to take into account the battery. What good is to buy a good phone if you have to constantly be charging? The current capacity is 2600 mAh model and I would say that Samsung could eventually equip the Galaxy S5 battery at least 3000 mAh which would be necessary if we consider how great will be your screen. If to this we add that possibly can be recharged wirelessly, then as if that Samsung is making it more difficult for Apple. Related Post: Buy the iPhone 5S or wait for iPhone 6 What is your opinion? Apple to regain its hegemony with the launch of the iPhone in June?



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