What to do: Lost Apple Device

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Katie Raspberry - Business Blog


No one fully acknowledges the mind blowing pain and misfortune of losing an expensive mac, iPad, laptop or cell…until it happens. Just two weeks ago, I had my Apple computer stolen by thieves. When it happened, my mind just went blank; a month before I had my car broken into and my laptop was stolen with all of my work and personal information on
it. I didn’t mind at the time because it gave me an excuse to buy new laptop; in which I purchased the MacBook Pro. That was stolen shortly after, hard to believe ( I know).. That being said, I decided to write a blog post on the disadvantages, guidelines and solutions for when you lose your Mac or Laptop.
Disadvantages: (the reasons you should be extra careful not to lose it):
– All the work you did not back up to the cloud or hard…

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