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A hacker gets crack purchases within applications without jailbreak mechanism in-app purchase to buy items in the applications of iOS devices, as an upgrade to full version or buy additional content. A Russian hacker has managed to make purchases of this type completely free without jailbreak. If you have jailbreak, the tweak iap cracker performs the same function … What is special about this method, and potentially devastating to the development of apps, is that it requires the jailbreak and can be completed in a few simple steps, including the inexperienced users. This is one of the worst nightmares of Apple, because, once installed the crack basically allows anyone get under the content for free, in most applications. The method is independent of the iOS version and works on all devices running iOS 3.x to 6.x Published instructions are fairly simple and require the installation of two certificates (CA and appstore.com-) and changes in recording device DNS Configuration section of Wi-Fi. This allows the device contacts the server to bypass Russian-built protection, the production of this dialog. Not all applications or regions are affected, which seems at first glance is that the trick avoids large enough proportion of third party applications that support in-app purchase to be called a big problem for Apple and its developers. This news rather than hurting Apple (which already gets many benefits of “everywhere”) most seriously hurt developers as they lose an amount of money that could have won. Do you think Apple should block this methodof away? Via | iDownloadblog In Uncategorized and categorized in Javi Castilla. Bookmark the permalink. About Javi Castilla iOSxtreme Creator and editor. Passionate student of computer products and electronics and amateur audio and video editing. Since I had my first iPad I have remained true to the apple, always with me wherever I go my iPhone 5 and my MacBook Air.






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