BlackBerry messenger celebrating: Third fall WhatsApp

The instantaneous messaging application, WhatsApp, again failed during the morning on Sunday and expressed their annoyance to users through social networks. So much was the hype for the failure of the application to quickly the word ‘whatsapp’ became a trending topic worldwide. Through its official Twitter account, the company reported that it was a “brief interruption” and that the servers began to function normally an hour after the occurrence of the problems. This is not the first time the system is flawed. Last October 15 was also interrupted abruptly when the sending system and receiving messages was inactive for a long time. Whatsapp finally accepted what all Twitter users already knew: that the service was down. Black Sunday for WhatsApp users: was the 3rd. fall in less than 30 days, a nightmare that seemed to be left behind and, in particular, to become an annual payment app … One of the big differences is that WhatsApp last fall was slow to recognize the error. The app itself was accessible to service status and message appeared WhatsApp functioning normally. Even in the company’s official Twitter had some information. Instead, social networks like Twitter itself had warned of falling WhatsApp service: users showed their anger and dissatisfaction with a service that … are paying. WhatsApp The problem occurs worldwide and seems to happen to all users. So it is very appropriate that the discharge is released BlackBerry Messenger for mobile platforms iPhone and Android. Finally, WhatsApp sent a message on Twitter confirming the problems. But it has not issued any official announcement to explain the origin of the problem and appease the spirits in social networks.




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