Cleaning the hard drive in Ubuntu

If anything is missing gu-Hindus is wipe the hard drive, yes, I know that the OS itself does not bring a specific application for that but there are many programs CCleaner style to delight us with that function. In Ubuntu there is something similar but manufactured: Two small commands that together with the action of emptying the trash we will return a few megs of free space and of course, the feeling of having gotten our dear ubuntu in the shower. Copy the text and get into a terminal – will ask for your password as it is logical direction- And while a little trick for more Newies (new), if you use Firefox (I have not tried the other but almost certainly also worth) beam above the triple click to seleccinarla whole phrase then you click with the right mouse and COPY. You open the terminal, right mouse click and PASTE.
sudo apt-get autoremove

And this is the other:

sudo apt-get clean




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