IPAD KEYBOARD: Surprise! !

If you did not know that the easiest way to get an “a” is pronounced press “a”, slide your finger up and drop, read the whole post because you are needing. However, if you know very well what are the “shortcuts” and use it as a true artist, is that you are already enough to put in what refers iPad keyboard. Here are several techniques: Schematically and without much literature, to make it more clear (by the way, you should read this post with the iPad in front of you, to get more to match): Press, slide and release: It is the technique by which sprang before the “to”, but can be used for many more characters. Try ‘Press, Slide and Drop “on the” shift “to the right (click on” case “, without lifting a finger” slips “to the” ñ “and” loose “when you’re on that letter. You will have managed to write a ‘Ñ “capitalized with a quick but, most importantly, the keyboard will be automatically depending on” sensitive “punch out without the” case “. Before sprang a “to” but what if the gesture ‘Press, Slide and Drop “we do about punctuation keys? I happen to get “other” punctuation marks whose use is quite common: About the key “.” Get “:” On the key, “” get “” If we make a long press on “.” and on “,” get a key emerging offered three punctuation marks (“quotation marks, colons, close question” and “apostrophe, semicolon, admiration” respectively). The fastest way to type the question marks and admiration is: -Right click on key numbers, slides up “.” and loose, get “” -Click on right shift key, slide up “.” and loose, get “?” -Right click on key numbers, slide up “,” loose, get “” -Click on right shift key, slide up “,” loose, get “!” How to quickly type numbers and other punctuation marks: -Click on one of the two keys, and slide your finger to the desired number. -Click on one of the two keys, and slide your finger over the desired sign or symbol (@, &, /, ¿, etc.) Save keystrokes: for example, to get the “=” must click “numeric”, “symbolic” and “=” on. Important detail: repair it on the left side of figure keypad press “undo” (undo), which you know you can save unwanted deleted: well, the key “remake” (redo) is in the same position but symbolic keyboard. 1, 1st, 1st: click on one of the two keys, slide your finger to the number “1” and hold. How do I write “five degrees” for example? Click “numeric” slide to “5” and loose. Click “numeric” slides into “0” and choose the symbol for “degrees”. Press “shift” slides into “c” and release. On the numeric keypad keys are several keys we offer several options emerging. Test, related left to right, with the “dash”, “dot”, “eat up” and “quotes”. We avoid the explanation of the use of the keys “Emoji” and “Voice” for the sake of its simple use. The key figure in the lower right corner of the keyboard, is responsible juggle it, but also “let go” and “divide”. If you “let go”, we place it at the height you want in the iPad’s screen. If the “divide”, we find it more comfortable to type with your thumbs. A very practical curiosity about the split keyboard is that if you press, for example, to the left of the “h” key on the keyboard split, we get a “g”, but actually look like we’re tapping on the screen and not on the keyboard. The same goes for the other letters that are at the center edge of the split keyboard. Everything mentioned above about the technique “press, slide and release”, it works normally on the split keyboard. The keyboard “loose” is adjustable in height by pressing and sliding up or down the key “keyboard.” Curiosity end: Get the iPad with both hands enabling the keyboard. Put your right thumb on the “j” and the left on the “f” and pulls out. The trick works, actually, coinciding with the thumbs on any point on the keyboard, not on specific keys. 






Note: Apple has released the iPad AIR in three versions, 32 gb, 64 gb and 128 gb but the project for this device sucks even more aspire to, get an iPad with 1 Tera memory.



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