The Triumph of the free spirit.

In the so-called German Democratic Republic, the long struggle for freedom culminating in the Bornholmer Strasse border crossing. On the night of November 9, 1989, the people of East Berlin began to go through the same and collapsed the Wall of Shame, which separated the city into a free part and the other oppressed by the totalitarian socialist state under the iron dictatorship of Eric Honecker. The press was monopolized by the state, had been abolished private property, the Protestant and Catholic Church were persecuted, the political police (Stazi), repressing dissidents calling for freedom and to avoid massive flight of Germans to Berlin free was built, in 1961, a wall that surrounded this. It is estimated that 191 people lost their lives in attempting to cross it. But what they could not Russian tanks had suppressed the uprising in East Germany in 1953, was to end the free spirit that had permeated Western culture to the Germans. A year after the collapse of the wall, the regime finally fell and Germany was reunited under the symbol of freedom, which is the essence of democracy. In those days, behind the iron curtain that separated the communist world of the free world, who were not with socialism had no rights and were viewed with distrust intellectuals, imprisoned, tortured or without opportunity to publish their works on mere suspicion. Increase the number of suicides to rough leveling down the regime. It was an indication of anomie as Durkheim would have said, amid a terrible tyranny. The Marxist-Leninist totalitarian regime saw that the reason had become a potential enemy of the socialist state and all unauthorized thought was repressed. When Gorbachev, then president of the USSR refused to support the government with Soviet tanks Hornecker, this fall. The consensus that supported the totalitarian state were tanks and even the Germans but the Russians. East Germany, was one of the symbolic examples of the failure of socialism in Western Culture and the Berlin Wall was the symbol of the dissolution of the communist world and the termination of the Cold War had many effects on Argentina criminals. The value of freedom Before the fall of the wall, while East Germany sank into an obscure ideological tyranny, West Germany, after the tragic existential experience of National Socialism had chosen freedom. From 1945 to 1950, had surpassed Britain its winner in the Second World War. The British Labour government of Clement Atlee, had caused to the UK economy, the more damage the Germans during the war. Now Germany to democracy and liberal economics has become the new European power. What had failed and William II, and Adolf Hitler, could it freedom of labor, competition, free markets and political freedom. Walter Ulbricht and his successor Hornecker, could not suppress the radio waves pierced the wall, bringing a message of freedom. The revolution of the media destroyed the foundation of Marxism-Leninism redespertaba dominant and constantly yearning for freedom. Some enemies of freedom do not see the fall of the wall in the symbol of the failure of socialism, but they boast to talk about the crisis of liberal capitalism. Repressor protected by socialist Eric Hornecker was exiled to the Chilean embassy in Moscow, under the protection of the Chilean ambassador, Clodomiro Almeyda and the Frei. Almeyda a Socialist, had been minister of Salvador Allende in his attempt to establish a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship in Chile. Exile at the embassy, ​​produced two diplomatic crises between Chile and Germany and between Chile and Russia. Hornecker was one of the drivers, supported by the USSR, subversion in Latin America, and asilando guerrilla training in numerous terrorist country. He had his prize, I provide Chile seekers allowed to continue working at a university in Santiago, until his death in 1994. Paradoxically, while socialists paid him tributes to one of the builders of the Wall of Shame, pursued by another General Pinochet, accusing him of repressor. What Hornecker, what was it? The contrast shows how fragile fledgling democracies. Some have a license to kill, even betraying one’s country. Others are condemned to defend it. But the story from reality, ends up exhausting himself. The Wall Argentine In Argentina, the government now hold, they admired Hornecker regime. With a Supreme Court Justice (or Injustice?) That ruled against the Constitution and freedom of the press, it becomes imperative to overthrow the government crackdown led corrupt oligarchy who create a messianic personality. Render obedience to the unconstitutional and undemocratic decision four corrupt members of the Court, is to ignore the liberal ideals of May 1810 and Juan Bautista Alberdi. The monopoly on the media trying to get the Kirchner government, through the press law, not only the instrument through which want get chains, but a manifestation of the totalitarian mentality. To this law which imposes a wall, the socialists supported Hermes Binner, another admirer of Honecker, South Project Pino Solanas, who hugged Chavez repressor and of course most of the Front for Victory, which violates obsequiously Constitution when the President orders it. Is that they want a wall against freedom, because they are afraid. A memory optimistic Despite the disappointments that human nature offers us every day, the collapse of the Wall of Shame, brings a message of optimism. Germany has made a tremendous effort to this, that socialism release two and has left behind a double oppression. The key principle is freedom of choice, because respecting freedom itself and the other is considered a core value, good, without which there is happiness and stifles creativity. So we endow God, in his image and likeness, ie freely. Carlos E. Viana | November 3, 2013 at 1:47 a.m.

The man is a freedom “, Karl Jasper.”



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