iPhone AIR

Has accustomed us to the most beautiful images of technological objects. Many of his works plastering comments, more or less successful, about the immediate future of consumer computing. You could say that working Ciccarese twelve months ahead, but more. When Apple launches a new iPhone, you are surprised to see how he already has thought about the next gadget, which a banquet diner, newly finished dessert and still stick on the lips, and had already decided to cook through the following menu . Forms captivating and stylish lines make up the library of this Italian designer which, although not intended to hit the winning number before children engolen his voice, if you try to get an idea of ​​how devices can evolve. More than once and more than one, deceived their “concepts”. To be sure, there are dozens of posts in the blogosphere hasty, in which extolled the virtues of phones, tablets and watches which, unfortunately for the unwary blogger, living only on paper … endures everything. Product was speaking “conservative”, without even exist, and others who commented on the “exercise of reality” and “predictable industrial solution” that was all. Tall coarse shouts and curses of the apple engineers, feeling doomed advance so components shoehorn an iPhone 5s within Apollonian iPhone Air. “And now the Ciccarese, as if the heel of the head on our neck is not enough”. What I do have to hand it to “Fede” is that their designs are “cool” (although it sounds more “cool” to say “cool”). And I do not see at all illogical, because would not it be reasonable that the next iPhone iPad had the appearance of Air to the corresponding scale? Come to think, the work of this man is extremely easy: I imagine the ineffable good Ciccarese using the “copy and paste” morning noon and night, but with pictures of good. Then, resize the product, we will shine cloth and ready! And tearing his hair Jony Ive and Cupertino locking the fist forward, because you tread design just surprise the next keynote. Hopefully not give back by sponsoring the physical keyboard, the telescopic antenna or Bakelite model.








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