Who was the real creator of Twitter?

The story, dark and full of betrayals, creating Twitter again occupies the foreground of the scene as you approach your income in the stock market. Legend has it that Jack Dorsey proposed the idea of ​​the social network to the other co-founders in a park in San Francisco and Dorsey himself feeds this release. “Twitter was not conceived in a field of South Park, and was only Dorsey idea,” says Nick Bilton instead, a reporter from the New York Times, in a recent article adapted from his forthcoming book ‘The emergence of Twitter: a true story of money, power, friendship and betrayal ‘. Dorsey recalled in interviews he gave his fascination as a child by listening to the radio for emergency services. “They always talked about where they were, where they were, and that’s how the idea of ​​Twitter,” he told CBS last year. Shortly after his arrival in San Francisco, Dorsey began working at Odeo, platform podcast founded by Evan Williams and Noah Glass, earning fame star of computer programming. Following the custom of the Silicon Valley, which tends to combine work and fun, Dorsey becomes a close friend of Glass, as Nick Bilton’s book. The idea of ​​Twitter appears when Apple added the podcast to your online music service iTunes, Odeo liquidating the draft. Dorsey says he presented the concept of Odeo colleagues in a park. Among them was another programmer, German Florian Weber. Nick Bilton’s book evokes a night of drinking in early 2006. At that time, Dorsey and Glass have a conversation aboard a car, in a parking lot: Dorsey speaks of a service whose statements would be published by the people and turn Glass estimated that such an idea can work if you can generate conversations among users. Glass represents both the project at Odeo colleagues, where Williams and others were already working on a similar idea from audio messages. All agree that Glass should direct the project, seconded by Christopher ‘Biz’ Stone in charge of the design, and Dorsey and Weber in programming. Glass is the name flipping through the pages of a dictionary and Dorsey published the first tweet in March 2006. A year later, Twitter attracts participants at the festival South by Southwest, global event for professionals in the disk, in Texas, and soon becomes a mass phenomenon. According to a recent article in the New Yorker, the people involved in Twitter generally recognize the key role played by Dorsey, primarily Weber, who said “the vision and momentum were definitely Jack”. But Nick Bilton also mentions maneuvers conducted by Dorsey, who taking advantage of tensions between Williams and Glass turned to him and he became the first CEO of Twitter in 2007. “Actually, Dorsey threw the man who was arguably the most influential cofounder Twitter before the launch of the site, before being himself expelled” writes Nick Bolton. The following year, Williams moved to Dorsey before yielding his place in 2010. Dorsey and Williams continue to occupy a place on the board of directors of Twitter, while Stone left the company two years ago. Everyone forgot Glass, absent from the meetings between cofounders now organized to celebrate the stock market price of the company. “The reality is that it was a group project” and Twitter “came out of the talks,” said Glass on a rare interview in 2011 to the Business Insider website, which says: “I know that without me, Twitter not exist. ”




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