Wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S

It seems that Samsung and Apple are exploring the possibility of incorporating new products (Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S) wireless charging like they are doing other manufacturers like HTC, LG and Sony in their flagships. The wireless charging was one of the most striking features of the past presented in the MWC. Devices like the Nokia Lumia 920, the Google Nexus 4 or the LG Optimus G Pro Qi have adopted technology that allows battery charging of the fixture by without using cables. However, Samsung and Apple, two major manufacturers world scene if not the most important, have not spoken so far about the inclusion of this feature in their devices. For the latest statements and rumors seems to be that neither the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5s will have the technology “standard”. You may be incorporated later to the Samsung Galay S4. Although, as we said the terminal that Samsung will present on 14 Times Square deck load shall not wireless, it seems that Samsung is working on a special case that will appear in the coming months and, using Qi technology, Samsung Galaxy S4 dowry to wireless charging.




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