Hacker Ethics

Hacker Ethics (“Hackers, heroes of the computer revolution”) • Access to computers and anything that might teach something about how the world works should be unlimited and total. • All information should be free. • Do not trust authority. Promotes decentralization. • Hackers should be judged by their hacking, regardless of their qualifications, age, race or position. • You can create art and beauty on a computer • Computers can change your life for the better. What is hacker? (Jargon File) • Someone who enjoys exploring how to force systems and their capabilities. • Expert in a particular program or code that writes enthusiastically. • In general, who enjoys the intellectual challenge of creating and skip the limitations Loading … Old hackers at MIT • TX-0, PDP-1 … • Incompatible Time-sharing System. • Steven Levy: “When we were writing programs did to create a community, not a product “. • Steven Levy, “How could there be a barrier property between a hacker and a tool to explore and build systems? ” What is Ethical Hacker? (Jargon File) • Belief that sharing information is a powerful and positive. • There is an ethical duty among hackers to share their expertise by writing open source and facilitating access to information whenever possible. • Large networks, like the Internet itself can function without central control because of this deal, in which everyone trusts. IETF Ethics (Internet Engineering Task Force) • “No kings, no priests, only sufficient consensus and running code”. The ethics hits the streets (California 70) Ethics communities (Netiquette) • Remember that the other side is a person. • Respect the time and bandwidth of the other • Share knowledge and research before asking • No respongas to provocations • Respect the privacy of others • Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive. The ethics of the BBS (80) • aN’M fr4GM4stEr teh teh’LL WIPE phr34k1ng t0t41_1Ly j3d1 5tYlE fL00r *** *** L0L0L0L! • Provide as many files as one gathers Loading … Ethical hacking (80-90 years) • If not steal or destroy anything, tacitly consents community penetrate computers when you just curious to try moving the security of the site. I Ethical hacking (Es.comp.hackers) • Never intentionally dañes something. All I get is asking for trouble. • Amendment to only what is necessary to enter and avoid being located, or accessing other times. • Do not ever hack into revenge or personal or financial interest. • No poor hack into systems that can not recover from a strong attack. Neither rich or large systems that can afford to spend money and time to get you. • Telefónica hates but do not mess with her. Ethical hacking II (Es.comp.hackers) • Do not hack into government computers. Do not forget that the police work for them. • Do not tell anyone your deeds (the greatest hackers in history have been killed due to the confessions of their girlfriends) • When you talk on the Internet, try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Anything you say will be stored. • Be paranoid. Do not leave any information that may relate to you. • Study hard before starting to practice. Never stop studying and learning new things. Ethical hacking III (Chaos Computer Club) • Private data should be • The private data of public interest should be disclosed Free Software (1984) • Richard Stallman: “I want to continue using computers with dishonor.’ve Decided to create a sufficient body of programs to not having to use more non-free software” Ethics of Free Software 0. Freedom to run the program for any purpose. 1. Freedom to study how the program works and adapt it to the needs. Two. Freedom to redistribute copies. Three. Freedom to improve the program and release the improvements. Linux community Ethics (“The Cathedral and the Bazaar”) • Eric S. Raymond is defined as a “culture of knowledge”, a meritocracy based on ability, in the gift as a way to gain reputation, collaboration versus competition, fun and bellows. WWW Ethics (90) • Vinton Cerf: “Tim Berners-Lee did not patent the World Wide Web. Not put copyright. The offered openly. And this was the spur to the great development of the network and innovative ideas. Ethics are continuous in the community, to return to the network what she has given to you. ” The reason (“The Hacker Ethic”) Pekka Himanen talk about the Internet as a public education system and hackers as heirs of the university: “Scientific ethics entails a model where theories are developed collectively and failures are perceived by the critical power of the community. Moreover, there involves copyright, only asked to mention the sources and new research to be published for the benefit of the community. ” XXI Century Copyleft Ethics • COPYLEFT according to Wikipedia: “The copyleft comprises a group of intellectual property rights characterized by removing restrictions on the distribution or modification of vitiating the copyright, provided that the derived work is maintained with the same ownership intellectual than the original. ” Ethics of Creative Commons • There are various CC licenses, with different configurations depending on the parameters: • 1. Author’s right to recognition of their authorship • 2. Allow commercial uses • 3. Create derivative works • 4. Share Alike Ethics of “full disclosure” • The-Warlock (Elhacker.net): “In principle we publish almost anything but, for example, if there is an exploit that continues to work, do not publish until it is patched. Full disclosure itself, but always with a bit of ethics, logic, common sense. A average. information should be free, but to a certain limit. ” Ferrer Molist Mercè http://www.filmica.com/port666 http://ww2.grn.es/merce merce@grn.cat + Info (English) • Jargon File: catb.org / esr / jargon • “Hackers. Heroes of the computer revolution”. Steven Levy. 1984, Penguin Books. • “Where wizards stay up late.: The origins of the Internet”. Katie Hafner, Matthew Lyon. 1996, Simon & Schuster. • “The virus creation labs. A journey into the underground”. George C. Smith. 1994, American Eagle Publications. • “Is there a Hacker Ethic for 90s Hackers?”. fiu.edu / ~ mizrachs / hackethic.html + Info (Castilian) • FAQ es.comp.hackers: geocities.com/crino1p/docs/faq99.txt • “The Hacker Crackdown”: globaldrome.org / texts / hackercrack • Pirate Song: fortunecity.es/ilustrado/infinito/40/textos/pirata.htm • “The Cathedral and the Bazaar”. Eric S. Raymond: biblioweb.sindominio.net / telematics / catedral.html • “The Hacker Ethic”. Pekka Himanen: tallerh.com.ar / site / text / hack.pdf




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