How to change the icons on iOS in July for iOS 6

This is one of the issues that has created more debate with the release of iOS 7. There are many people who like the look of the new icons of the seventh version of iOS, but many others are not entirely happy with the look of the icons, without hesitation, would stay with the layout of the icons in iOS June. Fortunately for those who want to change the look of iOS 7 with the icons of iOS 6, there is a process that allows this transformation without using Jailbreak. How to change icons 7 to design iOS iOS 6 It is a process that will add shortcuts to applications that we have installed on your iOS device icons 6. The tools we use are iCustom Tool or TooliPhone and we have to do it directly from your iPhone or iPad. Recommendation: Before you start the process you need to download and save images to the icon you want to change your iPhone or iPad reel. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPad and go to iCustom Tool When the page has loaded, you will need to click on Start Now! Then a window will appear allowing you to choose the application to be processed. Select the icon of the app you want to change After choosing the application have to select an image for the icon (from the reel or by inserting the URL of the image into the text box) Give to Let’s GO! and wait for it to load the next window. On the next page, a message appears indicating that the shortcut page was generated successfully. Then you will click open window (if you have some kind of Pop-up blocker, you have to disable it). Now, you have to save the shortcut to the home screen. On safari, at the bottom click on the box with arrow up and select Add to Home Screen. Then a window will appear with the selected icon and you can put the name to the corresponding application. As you can see, once the process, we have two icons of the same app, one original design iOS 7 and another with the design of iOS 6. The we have created is a shortcut to the original application iOS 7 therefore, is likely to take a little longer than usual to open. How to remove icons iOS Apps July to preserve the appearance of iOS 6? As you know, the original iOS apps 7 can not remove, so if you want to get your iOS device 7 has the appearance of iOS 6, it’s best to keep all the icons in a folder.




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