How to install WhatsApp on iPhone 3G and working properly

For several months, WhatsApp does not work on iPhone 3G or at least not in all. If you have not been able to solve the problem and keep your iPhone 3G without WhatsApp, we will give two solutions so you can re-install WhatsApp on your iPhone 3G and it will function as before. We’ve been watching some of the most effective tricks to install the popular IM app on your iPhone 3G and have found two ways that can help revive your SmartPhone Bitten Apple. 1. Tell your friends you send many messages WhatsApp Of all the methods we have seen, this is the simplest and “home”, however we have seen that it works pretty well, so I encourage all of you to try. Notify your group of friends to send you a message when you tell them WhatsApp. Ten open WhatsApp App on your 3G device, right on the screen that asks you to send the phone and insert the activation code. Just then, warn all your friends to send you many messages (more the merrier). If it does not work yet, put your phone number and send it to WhatsApp to send you the activation code and then returns to ask all your friends bombard you messages while the app sends your phone number to register. Maybe you think you’re kidding, but not, as this method has helped many iPhone 3G users to reinstall WhatsApp on your iOS devices. Did not go well? Easy … go with the second solution … Two. Tricks the iPhone into thinking you have iOS 4.3 To use this method, you need to tell your iOS device with Jailbreak, otherwise we could not qualify for this trick. It’s really simple, but pay close attention to the steps below and we will show that it is very important not to touch anything other than what you indicate to not damage your iPhone. Open iFile from Cydia. If you do not have it yet, go to Cydia -> Search -> iFile-> and hit Install. (Have added the repo iPhoneate – / repo) For those who do not may know iFile, say it is a well-known file manager which allows access to all folders and files from iPhone, or other iOS device with Jailbreak, and modify. If you rarely use iFile or is your first time, stick to only do what we tell you and then do not touch anything else. Once in iFile: look for the following path / SYSTEM / Library / CoreServices. Within the CoreServices folder we will find the file SYSTEM VERSION. We will open SYSTEM VERSION and end of all the text, you will see that I put the version of iOS you’re using at the time. We give edit tab (top left) and we have to change the version that appears on the 4.3.1 os Exit iFile and restart the iPhone 3G Once restarted, check that everything went correctly by going to Settings -> General -> About. If you see that the iOS version is 4.3.1 instead of you have really, to say that the process has worked. Now go to the App Store and you can download WhatsApp in its latest version. There are two solutions that can be fine, but you may not give any results. So we encourage everyone to comenteis your questions and / or problems that can guide and help you in everything that is in our hand.




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