Falklands for all…

I have my hands on a “booklet” which, under the title “FALKLAND FOR ALL”, the Ministry of National Education, with the signature of the Minister of National Education Prof. Alberto E. Sileoni, issue dated 07.16.2013, sent to schools across the country with the purpose “to educate citizens committed to human rights” and “underpin so since 2003, the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner with historical reparation policies and social justice “. To this laudable end, has committed huge mistakes, of all kinds, not casual, ranging from strategic geographical location and projection Islands and Antarctica to inconsistencies in historical order, military and international too numerous to enumerate. It has confused the honor and sacrifice of war, incorporating your destination to other “achievements” national and popular government as the “fish”, “tomato” meat, “football”, the “TV” without offend the modesty minimum Argentina blood shed for Glory and Honor of the Fatherland, one true symbol of selfless and courageous of you from the bottom of the sea, from the bowels of the earth, from the mists of heaven, comfort those who honor their open wounds on their bodies and in their souls, arms empty wives, children, parents, looking for the redemption of deep union Argentine Justice and Freedom, but never in hatred, revenge, lying, deception with this pamphlet aims to train generations of citizens “committed to human rights.” As you may ignore it, the Minister and his team of so abhorrent publication FALKLAND know that is not for everyone, “FALKLAND IS ALL” but not for “any”, as are the authors of the words of this verse of a song to lull children to the schools of the “winning decade” that adorn this document and transcribe: Indefensible trash scum dreamed perpetuate the Pink should have been immediately, by their peers, in the vast Plaza de Mayo, shot to death … (Andrew Cyrus and the Persians). All of this illustrated with grotesque caricatures, which further aggravate historical fact based on JUST CAUSE, then the WARS OF INDEPENDENCE, respected and admired by the world, even by the enemy, introducing a serious and unprecedented compared with unfortunate facts of seventies era, inciting violence, looking ideologize and politicize with macabre intentions sacred classroom whose walls is enclosed the future of this nation, CRADLE OF SAINTS AND HEROES …


If you can not run a country and were likewise not handle cleanly provinces, because it?


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