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Updating the Terms of Service October 11, 2013 We are updating Google Terms of Service. The new Terms will be published on November 11, 2013 and will be available on this page. As we know that many of you are allergic to legal texts, then a summary in plain language. We have made three changes: First, we have clarified how they can see the name and photo of your profile on Google products (including advertisements, reviews and other commercial contexts). You can control whether your image and name in ads through recommendations shared settings. Second, we have added a reminder for you to use your mobile devices safely. Third, we have added information on the importance of keep the confidentiality of your password. Then, some more details are shown: How can show your name and profile picture in different places (including advertisements and reviews) We want to offer both you and your friends and your connections more useful information. The recommendations from people you know can be very useful. Therefore, your friends, your family and other users can see the name and photo of your profile as well as other content (for example, the reviews you share or ads that do +1). The information is only shared when you perform an action (for example, when you +1, write a comment or follow someone), and that content can only see the people I’ve decided to share. In Google, you control what you share. With this update of the TOS does not change in any way with whom you share things in the past or the ability to control who you want to share in the future. The comments of the people you know can save time and improve the results you can get both you and your friends in all Google services, including Web Search, Google Maps, Google Play and advertisements. For example, your friends can see that you’ve reviewed an album with four stars on the page of Google Play a musical group, and +1 you do in your favorite bakery can be included in an announcement that Google has that bakery. This is what we call shared recommendations (you can get more information about them on this page). In the case of shared recommendations of ads, you can control the use of the name and photo of your profile by setting shared recommendations. If you disable the option, the name and your profile picture will not appear in the announcement of your favorite bakery or other announcements. This option only applies to ads and does not affect the fact that the name or photo of your profile can be used elsewhere (for example, in Google Play). If you’ve previously told Google not want your +1 appear in advertisements, logically continue to respect that decision in this update. For users under 18, their actions do not appear in the recommendations shared in ads or in some other contexts. If you want more control over your experience with Google ads, you can use the configuration tool for managing Google ads ads that you see. More information Use your mobile device securely It is a matter of common sense, you should not use our services if they can distract you when you’re doing something that requires your full attention, such as driving. And of course, you should always respect the rules of the road. Be careful with your password Our main priority is to preserve the security of your information. Your username and your Google password allow you to access a wealth of useful information such as Gmail messages, photos, Google+, YouTube videos, your Google contacts list, etc.. Any person to whom you give your login details could use to access your Google account and the content you have stored on Google. So if you ask for your password, think about it and see if there are safer ways to share information. If we detect something unusual (eg failed attempts to log in to your account or two logins to your account in a short time from computers remotely located from each other), it is possible that we show alert unusual activity. You can protect the security of your Google account in other ways (eg, by activating the two step verification and using application-specific passwords). Thanks for getting to the bottom of this page, we know that these things can be a bit dry, but we believe they are important. To know how you affect these conditions, see the Terms of Service document your country. Good to Know Information page allows you to protect your safety and your family’s information online. More information Our legal policies Privacy Terms of Service FAQ Technical information Technology and principles Advertising How Google uses cookies How Google uses pattern recognition Types of location data using Google How to use the Google Wallet credit card numbers How does Google Voice.

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