Overheating problems in PCS Hewlett Packard


* Many Notebooks HP (Compaq) to AMD or INTEL, have manufacturing defects on your motherboard (bad design in heat dissipation etc. …) Also the video chip does not dissipate heat, as in many cases comes with a foam stuck on the part where you should make contact with the heatsink and is also very close to the processor core that is also hot. Over time you get to “melt” the video chip solder, so that the display stopped working. WiFi also fail and end the laptop will not start. “Melt the solder on the motherboard”!!!!!
Surely there are hundreds (or thousands) of laptops affected …. A DISASTER!!!

HP recommends that you clean the ventilation slots that do not wear on the knees bla, bla, bla, bla and manufacturing defects zilch ….

HP USA-Mexico has recognized several series (dv2000/dv6000/…dv9000 / v3000 / LapTop F500 serious operational problems (= due to heating). Though the warming to cause “problems HW” does not say or what you mean. extending Those affected him another 12 months warranty!


A link detailing the heat problem HP notebooks with pictures and a repair made to a DV6000:


There is a program (among others) to see the temperature of Core 2 Duo processor (core1 & core2) and the video chip (GPU) that goes very well and is very reliable Speedfun: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload . php but only to see how it heats up and your laptop to run programs etc … as in many modern laptops only lets you see the temperature, but in the old Laptop or Desktop PC’s leaves change the fan speed, voltages, power etc …

I have a DV 5 purchased in USA, heating problems and HP Spain refuses to recognize it and still under warranty repairs HP not me (only tells me to update the BIOS, so that the fan continuously, which I have done, and also to reinstall Windows, but being a HW problem, of course does not solve the heat problem) It heats up the keyboard, the touchpad, the left side of the touchpad. The bottom like an oven, the hard disk “burning” (is marked that is hosting the HD and the plastic will melt any day.) Etc. .. etc … And HP ME SAYS THAT IF YOU ARE BLOCKING THE PROCESSOR THEN THE TEMPERATURE RANGE IS WITHIN!!!!!! If I come to see the GPU at 79 º C and 78 º C Core Then I have to turn off the Notebook or turn it over to cool!!

HP Messrs hope and understand that the BIOS updates and all software modifications (change performance video card etc …) are just band-aids, these laptops unfortunately have a design flaw in the heat and discipacion physically if not corrected the problem, it is impossible to expect AND YOU KNOW IT solution

The statements in a forum is real, the solution? Cut the plastic plate where the cooler is going to give them more ventilation. Very few have the courage.
Hewlett Packard speaks nonsense, Customer, NO ANSWER for users, it is known that more than most works a cooler requirement depends on the size of the pc but everything is related that, NOT THE CASE, the company lost in words because their machines, GO OUT clear, that if you work with an operating system like Windows, NOT the case of Linux, Linux has other behavior obviously more favorable. Another way to reduce or minimize this problem is either compressed air, use an existing aeration.

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