Apps that use the FPU and iPhone 5S

This coprocessor Apple monitors all movements of the new iPhone model Among its many functions include better optimization battery terminal The first applications compatible with the coprocessor M7 are related to sports November 5, 2013, 19:23 by Miguel Martinez – Editor No doubt that the biggest news of the brand new iPhone 5s are the new Touch fingerprint sensor and processor ID 64-bit A7. However, the new Apple smartphone also includes valuable features that allow you to maximize the device, as seen in the motion coprocessor M7. This chip works hand in hand with the A7 processor at all times collecting data from the accelerometer, gyroscope and compass. No doubt this can get the appearance of interesting applications and services, as well is happening, without sacrificing battery in no time. Moreover, even helping to save the same. The M7 coprocessor is designed to perform these tasks in a much more efficient A7 processor, allowing this is free of a job that traditionally have had to deal previous iPhone models, and greatly reducing the ever faster battery wear. Thanks to the integrated sensors in the iPhone 5S, coprocessor is aware of whether we are walking, running or in a vehicle. This motion detection will even avoid running iPhone applications or functions that cause the decrease in power from the device. For example, if we are driving down any road, stop searching Wi-Fi networks to suggest connect to them. Conversely, if it detects that the iPhone is motionless for a period of time, minimize the battery consumption by automatically lowering processor power. In this way and through the quantification of our activity, the iPhone 5S M7 coprocessor identifies the context in which we find ourselves, allowing developers the opportunity to improve their applications based on this concentration of information. Logically, the first applications to make use of this technology are the apps M7 sports and personal training that are our physical activity such as: Strava Run: Ranked by Fast Company as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in the fitness area, becomes one of the first applications to take advantage of the new coprocessor M7’s new iPhone 5s. Strava Run M7 coprocessor used to automatically turn on GPS iPhone once begin to run and stop when we stop. This helps to better control the flow measurement of the corridor and save battery. Strava Run is available on the App Store for free. Motion 24/7: Another personal activity monitor further including sleep monitor for the iPhone. Motion 24/7 is the first solution for the iPhone that measures and maps the resting heart rate, including supervision of advanced sleep cycle smart alarms, snoring recording, and includes alerts “Get Active”. All these tools help to improve sleep naturally and non-invasively. Motion 24/7 is available on the App Store for € 0.89. Argus: This application allows you to track our day, both activities such as feeding. Monitors and manages the physical activities, meals, workouts, sleep, hydration, weight and vital signs, which helps the user to achieve your goals and improve your overall wellbeing. Argus is designed for minimal power consumption and operate 24/7 in the background. Argus is available on the App Store for € 1.79. WeatherRun: An application designed especially for conducting any outdoor sport, allowing view data such as temperature, altitude, humidity, etc.. Like many other sports applications, WeatherRun possible to follow our bike rides, running, etc … keeping the routes on the map using GPS. Like previous applications, this app uses the coprocessor M7 to import the data of steps that have been made. WeatherRun is available on the App Store for € 1.79. Fitly, app which we discussed a few days ago, counts the steps you make during the day, and proposes different challenges to try to walk more. The only condition is that, of course, take the iPhone 5s always in your pocket … The main goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day. 70,000 all week. You can send challenges to your friends with the steps you have taken in a given period of time, to try to overcome them. Of course, you can also receive your challenges or hang on Game Center. Fitly not an app too sophisticated, but one of the first to use the M7 that only works on the iPhone 5S.










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