Due to an error on its website Wallmart sells TVs at 7 euros

A glitch in the WalMart website, U.S. supermarket chain, triggered a sudden consumer fever on users. This was due to an accidental cut communicated his system, and the price dropped to 600 products, mostly electronics, up to 98% of its value. Online Customers noticed this large surface in a short time, the stock had already been exhausted. Treadmills that normally costs hundreds of dollars saw its price reduced to $ 33. LCD monitors reduced their cost up to $ 9. Even a digital projector that normally costs $ 578, appeared for $ 8.85. No doubt laughable that led many purchase transactions. Ravi Jariwala, walmart.com spokeswoman has confirmed that the transactions made by consumers have already been canceled and as compensation will be awarded a check for $ 10 gift for any inconvenience caused. He has also confirmed that the website is now fully repaired. The supermarket chain WalMart has been among the first to anticipate the year-end sales.





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