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iPhone 6: Is there any truth in the rumors? Through rumors and leaks can find many possible specifications of iPhone 6. We review all known details, design and display, hardware, software, and network camera. Particularly striking is the possibility of 3D content and fingerprint recognition. July 18, 2013, 09:50 AM by Martin Castro – Web Manager at Computerhoy.com Every day we find new possible details, features and functions of the iPhone 6, but what is there in all the rumors published so far? The truth is that the flurry of rumors and leaks seem to indicate that its arrival is near, but not confirmed, we would expect the new Apple smartphone by mid-September. We do not know if this new product is the iPhone 5S, 6 or both together, but what does seem clear is that September is the month chosen for the presentation of a new model by the bite of the apple company . If Apple finally releases the iPhone 5S separately, we would soon see the next model or version, perhaps in this case, we are talking about a new iPhone in June later this year, but it is also possible that the version chosen is the 6th , or of both terminals together, one being the low cost iPhone, and another the top end. Therefore, we wanted to analyze the possible specifications and features that the iPhone 6 could bring. Design and Display It is one of the details that has generated buzz in recent months. While some argue the possibility that the iPhone 6 will keep the same screen size as previous models, ie, 4 inches, others, such as Reuters, announced that the company’s new smartphone may come with a screen size large, at around 4.7 or 5.7 inches. As to the display, there is not much potential agreed specifications. The truth is that some, such as Tech Radar retain the possibility of using the type IGZO Retina display from Sharp with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, others, however, are opting for an AMOLED, exclusive hitherto Samsung. In terms of design, it seems that the rumors do walk in the same direction, that of a thinner iPhone 6 with possible plastic housing (for higher lightness) and a much thinner bezel, and barely touch controls or physical. Software In fact, this lack of physical buttons, along with the registration of a patent Apple “Disappearing Button or Slider” makes us think of the possibility that the new model of the Cupertino company is controlled by gestures. The new iPhone 6 could include visual recognition to identify visual patterns and eye tracking, as happens in the Galaxy S4. This technology will track your gaze to determine where you are looking and so help the realization of different tasks. According to leaks, this technology would be related in turn to a new power saving mode, which would, among other things, lock the phone and turn off the screen if you’re looking to your smartphone. The new Apple could include infrared technology to use the phone as a remote control and thus control the Apple TV channels TV, for example. Besides those already mentioned, the iPhone 6 might have a fingerprint recognition system. Apple acquired the company last summer AuthenTec sensor, and thanks to this company could provide your new smartphone with this new fingerprint recognition system on the start button, which would be a plus terminal security of Cupertino, and passwords or screen locks disappear as we know them and would be needed in the footsteps of the owner for the operation of the terminal. Hardware The need to re-become a reference can assume that Apple introduces a significant improvement in the hardware of the new iPhone in June. Rumors say that the company wants to work with a 20nm processor, which would be the smallest ever used by Apple, as it is currently using 32nm A6 chip. The new model of the company could integrate A7 processor, quad core or better, up to 8 cores, which would give it a really enviable speed and responsiveness. The truth is that new prospective iPhone chips are a hot topic in the business run by Tim Cook, is that since the break with Samsung, its former supplier of these components, the rumors about the new Apple processor manufacturer to have given for many covers, and the end result is not clear. Besides a better processor, the new smartphone from Apple could come with 128 GB of storage memory. A capability beyond the reach of any competitor, we must not forget that smartphones are market leaders in the middle, 64 GB. Possible 128 GB of storage for smartphone seem almost unlimited space and difficult to fill for many iOS applications you install. Another important development lie in the battery, not only for greater capacity, which is clear from the photos of the batteries in the assembly, where we see a higher capacity of 5.92 watts per hour, compared with the ability 5.45 Whr battery of the iPhone 5, but also for wireless charging. This technology has become very popular among the new high-end terminals Nokia with Windows Phone. Thanks to a special case bases and mobile can be charged without cables. Camera This is one of the most important features for many users, so Apple is developing major innovations, such as the ability to record 3D content. In fact, it is likely that some of the applications and content for the new iPhone 6 will be in three dimensions. What seems more likely is that the camera have an 13-megapixel sensor, with multiple and novel modes and filters, and significant improvements in conditions where light is scarce. It is also possible that your camera records video in slow motion or Slow Motion, specifically at a speed of 120 frames per second. This possibility would be possible thanks to technology that presents the new version of the operating system with which will go on sale these two sipositivos, iOS 7. Will the camera to match the new iPhone in June? You will need to outperform their competitors, whose cameras already discussed a few days ago in this comparison. Networks The lack of NFC has been, since its introduction, one of the most criticized in the iPhone 5. However, it seems that the Cupertino company seems to have taken note of this detail and the new iPhone 6 will not only have NFC, but the new connection will have 4G LTE Advanced G, Samsung has recently introduced its new flagship, and enabling download speeds of up to 150 Mbps While we wait for some kind of official confirmation or your debut, you can wait in comfort with the large amount of information about iPhone, Apple and iOS we have on the web.

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