New post on Public Informer Christopher Lee is adapted to the media law and think of Channel 13 by Guillermo Cherashny Timely discovery of military secrets files related to newsprint. After the surprise proposal of Grupo Clarin to divide into six new groups, Christopher Lee also moved its media pieces and showed a tip cristinismo plan to rebuild the media market. So I sold two FM that he had bought from Daniel Hadad in 2012, Vale and TKM. Lopez stops this way to be in violation, because he had been summoned by the AFSCA to part with the two stations, and placed in a good position to eventually intervene in buying all or part of Channel 13, the station’s most prized but deficient the group led Hector Magnetto. This operation would have a special value for the President, which would take silence Jorge Lanata and imitations that makes it Fátima Florez Sundays and spoiling your mood on Mondays. It would also be expected to end in its traditional format Telenoche changing it to a news program apolitical. Something similar to what was done in Telefé by the Telefónica Group, which is colonized to the point that Aníbal Fernández is a columnist morning. The suspects secret files Introducing the fitness plan dividing the group into six separate clusters, one of which includes Radio Mitre and Channel 13 -, significantly hindered progress Magnetto official Channel 13. Sabbatella order now expect the president to start questioning the adequacy proposal Clarin. The presidential desire to completely dismantle this group would moderate after the Supreme Court ruling. Proof of this is the finding credible documentation little secret of the military junta of ’76 on a Condor Building basement. Supposedly, this is the record in formal shared by the representatives of the various forces in the military junta during the dictatorship. According to the official, “were 280 meetings took place between March 24, 1976 and December 10, 1983, according to the original minutes were found in the basement of the headquarters of the Air Force. In a dozen of them, according to records kept hidden for more than three decades, attempted genocide “Newsprint problem” and “the arrest of relatives and Graivers involved in the case.” Quite a coincidence that after 40 years, the Defence Minister Agustín Rossi has made this finding just when you start in a tense negotiation with the multimedia. The AFSCA will study at most 120 days adequacy plan, but Sabbatella could not approve the proposals of other groups and not Clarin, because at such a bias could intervene justice. However, different versions Sabbatella construed agree that the decision of the Court at will and try to force the sale of Constitution Street Canal. Instead, the government would have resigned in the sense that it would finally Clarin Cablevision, true multimedia box. Yesterday began to be mentioned that if the balance between the government and finally passed Magnetto selling Channel 13, could be the prestanombre Marcelo Tinelli’s cristinismo. The driver, apparently, would be by now very far from wanting to get involved in such an adventure.




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