Read this before buying a SmartTV

Television consumption has been reduced in favor of the Internet. The Smart TV Internet attempt to bring the TV. Not all models have integrated WiFi. The supply of apps is different for each manufacturer. August 26, 2013, 10:29 am by Ivan Munoz – Chief Editor of Personal Computer & Internet Difficulty: Drop Time: 5 minutes 1. The Rise of Smart TV TV2. What is a Smart TV? 3. Availability of Apps for Smart TV4. Interactuar5 forms. WiFi Ready?? 6. More conectividad7. Videollamadas8. What are the best Smart TV? 9. Conclusions 1: The Rise of Smart TV televisions Conventional television as we know it today, not going through its best. Blocks ads that stretch endlessly, trash TV, missed schedules, or biased and partisan information, make to lie in front of the “idiot box” becomes really boring, so many of us have moved away from the television to create our own programming with the help of Internet. This is demonstrated by a study by eMarketer agency, indicating that for the first time in history, American adults spend more time browsing and consuming content through watching television Internet. This situation has made TV makers put aside the war for the 3D, and focus their efforts on bringing the TV to the Internet thanks to new smart TV or Smart TV. If you plan to get one, then we offer a number of buying tips to not go crazy in the pursuit of your Smart TV. Back to index 2: What is a Smart TV? We understand as Smart TV is a TV with its own operating system that provides convenient connectivity, either wired or wireless internet access and content stored on various devices connected to your home network via the DLNA protocol (provided the TV is compatible). The presence of operating system allows us to install all kinds of applications, along with the Internet connection, providing access to social networking, streaming video, news, music, etc.. Let’s see now several points or advice to buy a Smart TV. Back to index 3: Availability of Smart TV apps Application availability depends on each manufacturer but in all cases there are a number of applications considered basic you’ll find all models of Smart TV, and it’s something we have to take into account when you know what Smart TV purchase . This group includes, for example, Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter and some general media. The rest of the catalog depends on each brand agreements with various content providers, and it is here where we find differences between manufacturers. The best thing in this regard is to consult the website of each brand and check the catalog available. Although it is important to note that, sooner or later, most applications are completed to include in the catalogs of the major brands. Here Korean brands, LG and Samsung, usually take advantage to their competitors and are those that have a more varied and updated catalog of applications, plus more proprietary programs and content recommendation algorithms according to our tastes and preferences. Back to index 4: Ways to interact To handle the new functions, and interact with the various applications, the traditional remote control is insufficient and impractical, so it is important that our Smart TV count with one, or more, alternative control methods to the remote control Traditional. The more adventurous like Samsung resort gestural or vocal control, although it is striking, yet to be polished and eventually stop using it beyond surprise some other friend. Others like LG opt to include an additional control, Magic Control, which operates in the image and likeness of the Nintendo Wii which also adds voice recognition. This system is more accurate and reliable Samsung gestural control but, as it ends up proving impractical and, to be honest, a little tired. The best solution, in our opinion, are the touch panels in the control itself or, especially, to be compatible with any app that allows you use your smartphone or tablet how advanced remote. Back to index 5: Is WiFi Ready? Although wired connection provides higher reliability, it is unusual to have placed the router next to the TV, so in most cases you will have to rely on WiFi. But beware, not all Smart TV have it and some manufacturers use the words “WiFi Ready” which can be confusing. To find out what Smart TV buy, make sure the TV incorporates WiFi connectivity inside the TV, some models require a USB WiFi adapter which in most cases is not included and that, while making an extra, let us permanently occupied one of the USB ports on the TV. Back to index 6: More connectivity In addition to the traditional connections, it is important that the TV owns various HDMI 1.4 connections to connect, with the best quality of picture and sound, game consoles, Blu-ray or any external media device. It is interesting that one of them is compatible with MHL enabling you to replicate the screen of your smartphone or tablet on your TV without the need for adapters or supplementary feeding. WiFi Direct support makes it possible to create a direct link between devices, but with greater range and speed than Bluetooth connection. To do this, TV and WiFi device must support Direct. Some recent Sony models also include NFC connectivity. In this case what it gives us is the match between, for example, a TV and a smartphone with NFC, with a slight approximation are linked. Although interesting, the only thing that saves NFC is time, and some other possible headache, since the rest of the communication is done via WiFi. At the time of offer tips for buying a TV Smart TV, connectivity is one of the aspects that we consider, and what better you should evaluate before get close to a store or order your internet TV. Back to index 7: Video Calls Using programs like Skype, available in most of Smart TV, you can make calls and video calls to anywhere in the world for very little money or even free of charge. For this, the Smart TV must have a microphone and if you want further video from a camera. Only some models have both features integrated into the TV itself, and are offered as separate accessory for about 100 euros. Logitech recently launched a model, TV Cam HD, compatible with any model of Smart TV, regardless of the brand. If you think video calls frequently from your Smart TV, we recommend that you buy one that already has the microphone and camera included. The price increase, but in the end you will save money not having to buy accessories. Back to index 8: What are the best Smart TV? The Smart TVs are trendy and therefore manufacturers putting all eggs in one basket to provide features and functions that make their models stand out from your competition. In addition to these tips for buying a Smart TV, and so you do not miss out, we have compiled the best Smart TV here, and we explain its features. Back to index 9: Conclusions Today if you plan to purchase a TV midrange / high, it is rare that it is not a Smart TV, but there are still very attractive market models that do not have advanced connectivity options. If you do not think access social networks, YouTube or surf with your TV, you may not be worth paying more for a Smart TV. Also, if you’re curious then you can always use one of the many media players capable of providing to your TV, some features of these smart TVs.






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