Spain requested private information of Apple customers

Spain requested private information of Apple customers, presented a total of 104 applications It is the third largest filer after the United States and United Kingdom In most cases the information was related crimes, robberies and disappearances November 6, 2013, 13:34 by Nerea Nieto – Editor Apple has recently revealed that it has received requests from several governments, including the Spanish, to obtain private information of its users. In fact, Spain was the third largest filer, behind the United States and United Kingdom. Germany, Italy and Australia round out the list of the countries that submitted applications. In most cases, these requests were related information about the address and the name of a user of iTunes or iCloud. Did you know that our emails are scanned to get personalized advertising? Google was the first company that began releasing reports Transparency, which reflects the number of requests received by the authorities. Microsoft and Facebook were aimed at fashion and, now, Apple published a similar report. “Our business is not dependent on the collection of personal data,” said Apple in the report. “We have no interest in accumulating personal information of our customers. Protect personal conversations, providing end to end encryption on iMessage and FaceTime. Do not store location data, search maps or voice commands to Siri.” The requests, in fact, used to be related to cases of theft, missing persons and other crimes. In the case of Spain, 104 applications were submitted. The United States led the list (1000-2000 applications), but not know the exact data for the U.S. authorities do not. Apple gave zero information thousand accounts in the case of the United States. United Kingdom was the second on the list, with 127 applications. After Spain (104 applications), Germany was the next country that requested information (93 applications), Australia (74 applications), Italy (60 requests), France (71 applications) and Japan (42 requests). What do you think? Do you think attentive to our privacy and it is good that the authorities have this information?





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