The five best email client for your computer

Email is a basic tool of communication in the professional and personally. Their mismanagement can cause chaos in your inbox and cause loss of important information. Here we show you the best email client for your computer. May 25, 2013, 14:16 by Fernando Escudero # 1 Microsoft Outlook The undisputed king of mail clients, thanks to its inclusion in the quintessential productivity suite for Windows: Microsoft Office. Its widespread use among professional customers and their complete collection of plugins make it almost a benchmark of what they should be able to mail clients. You can purchase it here, along with the other applications of Microsoft Office office suite available for Windows and Mac OSX. # 2 Mozilla Thunderbird The eternal alternative to Outlook. This free mail client from the makers of Firefox, has grown gradually into a very versatile tool. With it you can manage your personal email account or email accounts complex of a large company. You can download it from their website. Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. # 3 Zimbra Endorsed by the prestigious company comes Zimbra virtualization software. An open source client with a clear spirit 2.0, aimed primarily at a more professional. Also includes tools for collaborative work in the cloud between different members of the same team. You can get it here. Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. # 4 PostBox Perhaps the most versatile of all. In addition to managing your emails easily and efficiently integrates with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), allowing you to update your social networks from their service. It also incorporates functions sending links to Dropbox, to avoid sending large files. Instead send the direct link to the file hosted in the storage service. Download it from here. Available for Windows and Mac OSX. # 5 eMClient One of the few mail clients who dare to challenge the hegemony of Outlook and Thunderbird, and in some respects certainly succeeds. Unlike other mail clients that require a relatively long learning process, eMClient is so easy that within minutes you can start managing your email. Besides integration with Gmail service is unbeatable. Download it from their website. Available for Windows.








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