The NSA spy 60 million calls in Spain

The NSA continues its controversial eavesdropping program and spies around the world In Spain, it is estimated that around 60 million phone calls have been followed and tracked World leaders worldwide have already put the outcry because of information of this type October 28, 2013, 15:54 by Hector Guillen – Editor A failure to clarify the different information and rumors that have emerged in recent times about spy cases by the NSA, the National Security Agency of the United States, has been building increasingly recurrent cases of this type around worldwide. This time, the country was dotted with Spain, is that according to the Wall Street Journal says, President Barack Obama known espionage and monitoring more than 60 million telephone calls in Spanish territory. Overall, in recent days it has been known that the NSA has spied on at least 35 world leaders, information through which various meetings have been derived, and public complaints, including from Angela Merkel, German mandatory maximum, requesting clarification from Obama himself. Apparently, after a meeting between the White House and the NSA, produced after this frenzy was caused, the decision was for this spy program and other survival that were previously unknown. Furthermore, such data also suggest that some cases of espionage and listen to world leaders have not yet been completed in full, and are scheduled to be pregnant soon (in the relatively near future). In these cases, explained the possibility that President Obama was not aware of these bugs because there are some cases in which the maximum U.S. president is not involved personally, and in which the NSA has authority to operate individually. “The agency’s activities are based on the Framework for National Intelligence Priorities that guide the prioritization of operations, programming and analysis and U.S. intelligence collection,” said Vane Vines to WSJ, NSA spokesman.




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