The Return

The return by Luis Tonelli It seems that the election ten days ago were a century ago. Who won, who lost, and it does not matter. If a nail takes out another nail in our democracy media, an image replaces another in a political Alzheimer dizzying succession causes the news “spectacular”. The Court ruling declaring the law constitutional pulled screen media who could not, would not or did not know how to say in front of the new, including all those who had been proclaimed “winners” in the legislative elections, a few hours after closing of the counting of votes. As background to this baldazo that spoiled the party you have to go back to the distant 2007, when the ruling joy for victory in the presidential election of Cristina Fernandez the other day was overshadowed by the suitcase full of dollars that Venezuela’s pass attempt Antonini Wilson queruza military sector Aeroparque. That time it was the Baldwin, this time it was the opposition. Does it make this fact the beginning of a new phase of reconciliation with the majority encuesteriles Baldwin? By this time, there is a way dreamed by the more moderate members of the government: leveraging this new climate resumes one President to stop twitching and grudges aside, that his health is devoted to rule rather than govern; leaning by seasoned politicians negotiating experience as officers, and appointing a Minister of Economy seriously, these two years are devoted to “normalize” the country. Some have wanted to see how this imagined advancement of categorical change, acceptance of fitness plan that Grupo Clarin presented to AFSCA. As one steep Kirchner “before Clarin and now we’re going to have six Bugles”. This illusion of a “fresh start” collides headlong with most defining continuities. For example, the Governor of Chaco, Jorge Milton Capitanich will transcend did not accept the position of Minister of Economy had been offered because the condition that their bags did Guillermo Moreno was not accepted. Moreno’s departure is something that all applicants have sought the post of Minister unsuccessfully. Moreover, the Super-Secretary of Commerce recently heard saying “I’m the Economy”. At one point, the gloss of Moreno said the Sun King, confirmed its interventionist perspective on the economy, enabling the cartoon criticism that he likes to do. However, much more important, is that it expresses the degree of symbiosis with “Model”, to the point that without it would not work, and with him there is no chance that the economy work differently. The appointment of any economist “serious” in place of Hernán Lorenzino and continuity of Moreno amount that the President thinks at most be making tweaks and services that allow you to reach 2015 (which remains to be seen). Decision for Economics which has its political counterpart Kirchner exercise mowing official Peronist postelection shortie, shortie and simultaneously populate several garden gnomes, so that none seem too high. No one can expect missing two long years, the President, including the probable physical decline, premature choose his heir, implicitly or explicitly. That immediately encourage the fragmented and disparate political system began to spin crazy about this new computer policy Argentina, automatically translating the future into the present, and emptying presidential power. For that reason it is only Daniel Scioli who will not be anointed as “the successor” if either no figures will rise too young as Capitanich or Sergio Uribarri, ceding stellar Government responsibilities. And in this case, being named one of them, be submitted to the core classical ninguneo Kirchner done virtuously on all those who at some point “want to be”. So before a presidential epiphany shut down from doctor to which she was subjected, more should be expected, and how far the staging of a new attempt gatopardista. I mean, not the conversion of St. Paul radiant, but a typical operation that already gave detailed, long ago, cynical prose Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa.





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