The Trojan pendrive with Putin, the latest in “gifts”.

Vladimir Putin tried to collect data from the senior of the 26 countries participating in the last G-20 USB drives handed Trojans infected with two senior officers to track all your data These USB would capture information from both computers and mobile phones October 30, 2013, 21:22 by Hector Guillen – Editor How many times have we pulled a “pen drive” of your computer without first performing the “pull up”? Without this action, possible viruses and Trojans can attack your computer without your consent. In some of this must have thought Vladimir Putin, or perhaps a more twisted done yet, and that the chief executive is Russian, as if it were the NSA, delivered in the month of September to the senior who attended the G -20 in St. Petersburg, USB memory connected to the mobile phone, installing a Trojan and tracked all terminal data. This news has come to light thanks to the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ and ‘La Stampa’, claiming that Herman van Rompuym European Council President, gave this USB memory to the security services, uncovering this possible trick of Putin . After careful analysis, it was found that the “pen drive” contained inside two Trojans that captured all the information stored on the computer it was connected, and the paired phone, risking all accessed data that . Following this event, the European Council sent a message to the 26 countries participating in the summit warning of the “clandestine data collection computers and mobile phones via USB sticks” with which they had been obsequiadas. Currently the research on this fact is still open, and we do not know for sure if these USB sticks “hacked” were given to all participants who attended the G-20 last September. Putin is not left alone, as the NSA has spied more than 60 million phone calls in Spain. In any case, countries are waiting for a final decision to decide whether to proceed with a formal protest to the Russian government, or perform any sort of legal action against this potential espionage action.




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