Twitter shares rise

Twitter beats Facebook in its IPO Drafting BBC November 8, 2013 Last updated: 03:40 GMT Share The actions of the social network Twitter microblogs closed on his first day on the stock to U.S. $ 44.90, over 73% of its starting value of $ 26. That means that after the first day of quotes, Twitter is valued at more than U.S. $ 31,000 million. On that first day, more than 13 million shares were purchased in one hour after the opening of Wall Street. It is the largest technology company to go public since the arrival of Facebook in 2012. But shares of Twitter came on the NYSE and the Nasdaq, where the Facebook, as many expected. And that was a cause for celebration for the NYSE that this Thursday dawned decorated with posters that promoted public offering of Twitter, a company that, despite having more than 230 million users, has no benefits. A rollercoaster The shares of the new company IPOs are generally volatile in its first day. Within minutes, Twitter shares increased in value by over 80% before closing just below its opening value of U.S. $ 45.10 per share. When Facebook came on the Nasdaq, its stock initially valued at U.S. $ 38 each. After triggered, a few hours of its debut, to U.S. $ 45, its price then collapse again. And only recovered from the losses on September 11, 2013, when shares valued again at $ 45. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) was affected by technical failures and delays. To avoid that Twitter had a fate similar to Facebook, the NYSE did tests on 26 October in which shares used higher volumes than usual. Financial Scrutiny Twitter set a price of over U.S. $ 1,820 million for its 70 milion shares. The company’s messages up to 140 characters has 232 million users, according to the IPO documents, send 500 million tweets a day. Its finances have been under extensive scrutiny since announcing its IPO plans, especially considering the company that has no benefits. In the first six months of 2013, lost $ 254 million. Facebook came on the Nasdaq stock market not in New York. Mary Jo White, the director of market regulator recently warned investors to be cautious with the measurements of the tech companies like Twitter as investors are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the data. “In the absence of a clear, can be difficult not to think that these great figures inevitably will result in big profits for the company,” he said in a speech. The truth is that in the morning of Thursday the founders of Twitter saw their fortune swell on paper at U.S. $ 4,000 million, although Dick Costollo-chief-executive director, said none of the founders sell their shares immediately. The co-founder Evan Williams has a 10% stake in Twitter, which makes it the largest shareholder. The value of those shares is U.S. $ 2,000 million. Another co-founder, Jack Dorsey, also could make a fortune with their actions (4%) valued at more than U.S. $ 1,000 million, while another of them, Biz Stone, is believed to have made millions of dollars by selling their interests in recent years. But beyond the great fortunes of the debut, the team at Blue Bird company quickly returned to work: so was one of the directives, Melissa Daimler to post a photo of employees in their positions shortly after the bell the New York Stock Exchange opening maracase Thursday.




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