Extensions for Thunderbird

This is a list of extensions for Thunderbird that previously stood on the wiki of the web, which closed due to spam. ====== A ====== addressContext: Extension designed to ease the process of adding new emails to the Thunderbird address book. Add an entry to the context menu to add the addresses of senders and recipients of a series of emails to the address book or a mailing list. Address Cleaner: Erases Entries leaving only a contact email address. Allow Empty Subject: Disables the warning dialog shown when trying to send a message without a subject. Attachment Extractor: Allows you to automatically download message attachments. ====== B ====== Buttons!: Add many buttons with commonly used features of Thunderbird is just one click away. ====== C ====== Calendar: As the name suggests, does nothing but add a calendar email client. ChromEdit: Facilitates configuration file editing application as userChrome.css, or user.js userContent.css Compact Folder: Lets you add a button on the toolbar of the program to compact the folder selected in the current view. Config Date: Allows you to change various settings related to the date format in Thunderbird through an options panel, graphically without having to edit text files program preferences .. Contacts Sidebar: Displays all contacts available on the sidebar. ====== D ====== Delete Junk Context Menu: Add a menu entry to delete an email tagged as spam (junk). Allows, optionally, delete the file directly, without sending it to the Trash folder. Dictionary Search: Provides a method to translate or look up the definition of a word in a single click. Display Mail User Agent: Displays an icon identifying the email client used by the sender of the mail. Display mailing list header: Implements RFC 2369 in Thunderbird, a series of special headers with links to the file, web help, subscribe and unsubscribe from the list, etc.. ====== E ====== Enigmail: Access the authentication and encryption features of GnuPG from Thunderbird. Empty Trash: Allows you to add a button in the toolbar to empty the trash of the selected account. ====== F ====== Fcc on Compose: Specifies the FCC (“Folder-carbon-copy”), folder in which to store the message when it is sent. Folderpane Tools: Customize folders section Thunderbird interface. To sort the accounts and select the folder to open at startup. Freeform From on Compose: Add a text box in the message creation window where you specify the From field. Freeform From and FCC on Compose: Extension that meets the characteristics of Freeform From and FCC on Compose, as these are incompatible. ====== G ====== Get All Mail Button: Adds a new button to the toolbar which allows downloading all mail from all accounts and send messages in your outbox. ====== L ====== Launchy: Open links pages and send emails with external applications such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Outlook, etc.. Linky: Open, download and validates links and images in tabs or windows. ====== M ====== MagicSLR: Provides new features and buttons to make more comfortable receiving and sending messages. Mailredirect: Forward a mail to another address preserving the original header, which does not occur if you use the Forward command. Menu Editor: Menu Editor allows you to edit the menus in Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird, hiding items or changing the order and position. MessageFaces: Adds support for Face header in Thunderbird. Face can include embedded images in emails or newsgroup posts. This extension will display PNG image next to the header of the message in case it exists. Minimize to tray: Hides the windows of Firefox / Mozilla / Thunderbird on an icon to minimize system. Mnenhy: Various improvements to the mail client Mozilla Thunderbird and among which the possibility to see the statistics of the spam filter. ====== N ====== Look Netscape 4.7 hack: Replace the folders section of the interface for a simple drop-down menu style Netscape mail client 4.7. New Mail Icon: new mail notifier in the system tray for Linux versions of Mozilla Suite and Mozilla Thunderbird. NestedQuote Remover: NestedQuote Remover is a Thunderbird extension that allows easily remove the different levels of nested quotes that form in the messages, can determine the maximum level allowed dating and if we want automatic or manual removal. No New Window on Double Click: Prevents Thunderbird open a new window when you double click on a folder, or if another program tries to open a new instance of the client. ====== P ====== ProfilePassword: Protect Mozilla Thunderbird Profile with a password. If we use different profiles each course can have its own password. Each time you start the program, and if the profile is protected, you need to enter the password for access. Q ====== ====== QuickQuote: Select a text and click on the “Quote in New Message” from the context menu. In addition to the selected text, sender, subject and date will be copied to a new email message. QuickReply: Add a text box below the posts to answer them quickly, to gmail. QuickText: Add a menu to easily insert texts we find defined. Also you can add variables for the case you want, for example, add the contact name in the text. Quitomzilla: An aid to quit, saying how much you take without smoking and how many cigarettes and money you’ve saved. It also warns you that you are getting achievements. QuoteCollapse: You can collapse and expand the dating posts by email. Quote Colors: Quote Colors extension allows you to set the text color and background for different levels of dating messages received, both in Mozilla Thunderbird as the mail client Mozilla Suite. ====== S ====== Sender Verification: Compare the return address with a mail database online to check its authenticity. Show SMTP Username: Changes the way shown SMTP servers, associating an alias and showing the user name used to access the server. Signature Switch: Turn on / off easily signing messages. The extension allows you to add a button on the toolbar message composition from which to enable or disable the signature defined for the account. SwitchProxy Tool: SwitchProxy Tool to configure multiple proxies and alternate use of a quick and easy. ====== T ====== Timestamp: Adds an option to the menu bar to insert the current date / time. Title Bar Fixer: Change the title of the main Thunderbird window. ====== V ====== Virtual Identity: Virtual Identity to create a virtual identity to send messages in Mozilla Thunderbird and Mozilla Suite. ViewSourceWith: View the source code of the selected pages to an external application. We can define different editors and easily choose which one to see the source code. ====== W ====== Webmail: Access to webmail such as yahoo, hotmail lycos or from Mozilla Thunderbird. Only supports the POP protocol, so it can only download the mail.


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