Images Yolanda Philippines Typhoon

More than 138 people have been killed in Tacloban City in the central Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan, local authorities have called ‘Yolanda’. Airport director of the city reported to the central office in Manila that at least “100 corpses are lying in the streets, with at least 100 others injured,” local media said John Andrews, vice president of the Authority Philippine Civil Aviation. The Philippine government has confirmed that at least 138 people have died and 14 are missing by typhoon ‘Yolanda’ by the center of the archipelago, while the Philippines Red Cross has estimated that the death toll is at least 1,200, as reported by the groups of volunteers working to deal with the consequences. Parts of the city of Tacloban, which has a population of two million, “are completely ruined” after the typhoon swept through the town on the morning of Friday, when the weather phenomenon reached sustained winds of 235 kilometers per hour and gusts up to 315. The storm has forced some 800,000 people to seek refuge in evacuation centers put up by the Government and has destroyed all communication systems with the city .. Reynaldo Bleating, government agency spokesman said it is expected to increase casualty figures in the next few hours when you get reports from the devastated areas. Haiyan, named Yolanda by local authorities, is the most powerful typhoon this year around the world. Vietnam authorities have started evacuation of at least 100,000 people.
THE DEAD AND MISSING exceeded 30000



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