Looting occur in the Philippines after the devastation

The Deputy Mayor of Tacloban, Jerry Yaokasin personally informed the president that even affected nearby locations are coming to town to appropriate food and basic goods. The City Council also is completely dismasted because most of its officials have been affected by the disaster, as Yaokasin, and are unable to prevent the looting of both establishments and ATMs. President Aquino has not yet taken any action on it, according to a spokeswoman for the Philippine Presidency chain ABN-CBS, waiting for the final evaluation of Police Director Alan Purisima, that goes to the city in a C-130. 10,000 DEAD The deaths caused by Typhoon Haiyan by the central Philippines could reach 10,000, according to the media said today a spokesman of the Philippine Constabulary. The Regional police chief of the province of Leyte, Elmer Soria, said the provincial governor, Dominic Petilla, said the death toll could exceed 10,000, most causes of choking and collapsing buildings. Haiyan, baptized by the Philippine authorities as Yolanda, would have destroyed between 70 and 80 percent of Tacloban City, on the east coast of the country, where he spent the typhoon on Friday, stressed the official. After the city passed several hours incommunicado, yesterday began arriving images of the destruction of Tacloban completely destroyed homes, roads impassable by the large number of light poles and all kinds of objects drawn, and completely naked trees. “The devastation is total. Tacloban If you’ve been before, nor could recognize the city now,” he told news agency ANP a senior Philippine Army, Lt. Jim Alagao. The Philippine Red Cross estimated yesterday that some 1,200 people have died from causes related by the typhoon, while official figures are not yet updated and mark some data far below the catastrophic event. The Council for Disaster Management and Reduction of the country indicated that about 4 million people in 36 provinces of the Philippines have been affected by Haiyan, described by meteorological agencies as “super typhoon”, as its winds exceeded 240 miles per hour .




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