Samsung already has advanced the development of Exynos processor 64 bitso

This would be the answer to the A7 SoC Apple (which, interestingly, are manufactured by the Korean company, but not designed-). So what Shin Jong-kyun said is true and also be more advanced development than expected. The models would be called Exynos corresponding 64-bit, so it does not change processor family as had been indicated in some media. According to some Korean media, the arrival of these components will occur in several of its future phones and also in tablets. Therefore, the answer to the iPhone 5S which includes the first SoC with this architecture does not want to delay too much, what is normal and necessary to keep “bulge” in the race in the mobility market. It is clear from the published information, the structure remains in the octa-core Samsung’s current products, four of the cores of high performance Cortex-A57 and the same number with greater energy efficiency (A53). All indications are that can be used all at once if necessary. That would be inside the new Exynos 64bit. The software would not be a problem As indicated in SamMobile, the arrival of 64-bit Exynos would not be a big problem for the Android operating system because it is based on Linux that already has support for this architecture affect only be polished and stabilize. Therefore, existing applications would they should be compiled again, something would happen slowly because, remember, the arrival of the new processors is expected imminently. Yes, should be changed some hardware, even jump to the 4 GB of RAM, so that the experience of using the 64 bit as good as possible. And, by all accounts, this could happen with the Samsung Galaxy S5 with respect to the Korean company. Apple has “caught” by surprise many with the A7, that’s clear, but it is clear that the rest of the leading companies react, there’s no doubt.





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