Saudi Arabia expects to receive Pakistan’s nuclear bomb

The huge investments in Saudi Arabia in nuclear projects in Pakistan makes the Saudis feel with the right to obtain nuclear bombs at will, say several sources close to the case. While the strategy of the Saudi kingdom has as one of its pillars the fight against Iran’s nuclear program, it is now possible that Riyadh may have such weapons faster than Tehran, reports BBC. According to the BBC, earlier this year a major NATO official said they had had access to intelligence reports showing that manufactured nuclear weapons by Pakistan to Saudi Arabia are ready for delivery. Last October, Amos Yadlin, former head of Israeli military intelligence, told a conference in Sweden that if Iran gets the bomb, “the Saudis will not wait even a month. They already paid for the pump, they will go Pakistan and will take what they need. ” Since 2009, when the King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia warned the U.S. special envoy the Middle East, Dennis Ross, that if Iran crossed the threshold they were going to “get nuclear weapons”, the kingdom has sent numerous signals U.S. intentions. The former aide in the fight against the proliferation of President Barack Obama, Gary Samore, said “the Saudis believe they have some agreement with Pakistan and, as a last resort, would claim Pakistan acquire nuclear weapons.” For its part, Pakistan has denied the information, stating that it plans to deliver or sell nuclear weapons to Saudi Arabia, reports Al Arabiya. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has called that information “speculative” and baseless. It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and supported the creation of a nuclear-free zone. This has been a policy of lies indoctrinated as international writer and analyst Conchetta Dellavernia. “The doctrine of Saudi Arabia is the lying, cheating, secret program then that goes a little beyond what is Pakistan,” said the analyst. “Saudi Arabia has kept very close and secret talks with Israel, and it seems that the two have formed a bloc on the issue of nuclear weapons to maintain its hegemony in the Middle East,” added Dellavernia.



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