The super typhoon made landfall in the Philippines Haiyan

The Haiyan super typhoon made landfall in the Philippines with sustained winds of 314 km / h. Images, videos of Yolanda. 2013 NOV 8 tags: sweeps, Philippines, haiyan, images, super typhoon, last minute, videos, yolanda by Jose Luis Escudero Gallegos nbsp; World record sustained wind at landfall typhoon. 314 km / h and gusts of over 370. Good morning weather friends. It’s five o’clock, recording 18 degrees and the skies are slightly cloudy for now. Throughout the morning the wind was blowing offshore moderate fall, and with some strong run in Malagueño aeropueto area. If I may I will post at the end of the forecast for Friday. Today we talk about this freak of nature Haiyan, Yolanda) that go down in history as one of the most powerful strains ever since. Haiyan landfall earlier today in the town of Guiuan, about 550 miles or so from Manila The super typhoon devastates Philippines Haiyan from east to west, with sustained winds near 314 km / h and gusts of 370. The waves on the coast had to be bestial, who accompanied the storm tide, the sea has had to go several miles inland. All this is accompanied by very strong rainfall, which can exceed 800 liters in some points. This radar image of rainfall in Cebu is bestial. Viewing satellite images scary phenomenon of nature, that go down in history as one of the strongest in the world given. Although there are not many news about loss of life and property damage, but they have to be very substantial. Yesterday I received on my blog mail message from Philippines I put here. good afternoon I’m living and working in Cebu City (Philippines), and we are awaiting the arrival of Typhoon Yolanda, I just hope that what you have commented on the waves of 12 meters and the water will go several miles, not occur, because here the authorities have evacuated absolutely no one, and there are a number of people who live right on the coast in shacks and houses made of wood, that if this occurs not want to think what might happen. the tv only gives the news that a typhoon approaches 12 hours and already, some cars with megaphones to alert people to protect their homes and that there are some schools and municipalities for evacuation zone, but I assure you it is not enough I think I have the chance to work in a hotel, that although this coast walk seems safe, but really do not know either, and no one has given us much infor I wanted to ask, that’s what happens with this tidal Best regards toni Martorell Posted 9:50:04 AM UTC, Thursday November July 2013 by toni Martorell ( Hope you are well and hopefully not have occurred many human losses. The storm tide of what you have mentioned by message. Greetings from MALAGA I pass several satellite images are stunning. Here impacting. That strong. This one is bestial friends without words. Pay attention to the diameter of the eye when it hits.









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