Venezuelans take to the streets and burned flag

The student leader and national coordinator of the “Liberation Movement”, Villca Fernandez, said the march scheduled for today 9/11/13 was organized this time by a civilian sector as a rejection of the conditions of economic and political crises in Venezuela, as well as criminal and food crisis experienced by the nation, in which “the people are dying of hunger.” March of the self-invited as well have called it some, it is a march against Chavez government Maduro, for now Article 68 of the Constitution of Venezuela gives the citizen the free right to peaceful protest without distinction of any kind . The newspaper El Nuevo Herald reported last Thursday that “Thousands of Venezuelans have plans to go to the streets on November 9th (this Saturday) to express his” outrage “against the regime of Nicolas Maduro and economic crisis, political and social development, in a day of protest organized directly by the protesters, with no direct involvement of the opposition leaders. The demonstrators, who are planning to take to the streets in more than 55 cities, said that the meeting not only seeks to express the frustration of the Venezuelan people on issues such as the growing shortage of products, galloping inflation and personal insecurity, but also Mature plans completed to implement a model similar to the current economic policy in Cuba “. The information adds that the “Run Auto-called” also carries a strong message against the top leadership of the opposition, which many consider too soft shown was an undemocratic regime, said political consultant Stephen Gerbasi. Walking is just to prove to Maduro and the leadership of the opposition and their time spent, and here is the output through the streets making affirm the ruling. In the first photographs shows a large participation of civilians and burned Cuban flags in protest against the Chavez government submission to Cuban interests. The march was also joined by various representatives of political opposition groups, including Leopoldo Lopez, Henrique Capriles and Maria Corina Machado. For us the protests and marches are good because somehow serve to express the discontent of the population, however we think that more than a one day protest should propose a general strike to paralyze the country and force President Maduro to resign .



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