Apple iPad would bring to market a 13-inch and 64-bit

Competition in the mobile technology sector is getting tougher. In addition, the age of laptops, especially table, almost belong to history. So Apple is clear what should be the future: a hybrid device between the laptop and the current tablets. So, the first thing they should put all the effort is in power. Thus, Apple is working on moving the A7 processor and iOS 7 to a 64-bit architecture, which can also signal the beginning of a strategy to build a 13-inch iPad, as many analysts are speculating. In a statement that was passed to investors this past Tuesday, Ben A. Reitzes of Barclays Capital, argues that Apple could be in the early stages of the preparation of the iOS ecosystem to transition from mobile devices so far are being used and sold in the market, more powerful devices, and that on all, be able to replace the low-end laptops and ultraportable MacBook Air as the successful company. The main idea, and what is believed with some certainty that Apple is working on a new product of this type that could eventually replace the 10-inch iPad Mini iPad as a source of income, which currently represent the Apple’s second largest behind its flagship device, the iPhone. Doubts about everything Reitzes suspect the A7 64 bit which was released on the iPhone 5S of this year, only had the aim of reviving iOS applications optimized for 64-bit better one day be able to take advantage with a possible 4 GB of RAM, a argument would hold up in the attempt to make larger devices. The iPhone 5S currently only has 1GB of RAM, although developers are already taking an advantage in a higher yield of the A7 to allow, among other things, an advanced audio. Not only within Apple no doubt about the intention of working with those 64 bits, but a few weeks ago from Qualcomm claimed that this movement just responded to a marketing interests rather than the actual product improvement.
The sources said China would launch scheduled for March 2014




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