Approaching increasingly iOS Jailbreak 7

For those who do not know, it is clear that to make a type Userland Untethered Jailbreak (based on Software Exploits, basically) and working properly on all devices running iOS with Apple’s current operating system, iOS 7 is not easy. After a long drought in terms of news about the Jailbreak of iOS in July, it seems that the environment begins to animate. After last November 8, Pimskeks, Evad3rs group component, creators of the fabulous tool Evasi0n (Jailbreak Untethered iOS 6) posted on his official Twitter account us not to worry, they were still working on the iOS Jailbreak 7 that just had to be patient, today we get new information claiming that the Seventh Untethered Jailbreak iOS version is closer than we think. And yes we (@ evad3rs) are still working on the iOS7 JB. Just be patient. – Nikias Bassen (@ pimskeks) November 8, 2013 The iOS Jailbreak 7 about So, many of us what we are waiting with great anxiety and it seems that everything starts working after sources close have reported that Jailbreak for iOS 7 is closer than we think. For now, have managed to make the process of Jailbreak an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0.2 Tethered way. So, have managed to install Cydia on iPhone 4 and adapt the interface to iOS 7 completely integrated with the new fresh look of the new iOS. Something that is certainly very good news for all Apple users that decided to update its iOS July day, leaving the Jailbreak iOS 6.



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