IPad Launch in 13 “

Well, do not let you swallow food! You’re still speculating and dairy accounts, and is already riding on the horizon approaching a new model of iPad: the 13-inch. Any notices that, in this way, we have more options to pick and that the catalog (or “portfolio”, which sounds more “in”, “cool” and “proper”) is more complete, but I guess someone will share with me, at least, the feeling of surprise. Of course, everything changes when your skin is at issue: it is easier to write a dozen posts on a pink iPod Touch you never will buy that one on another device that you are thinking about buying. Continuing the culinary metaphor, after savoring the nuances of iPad Mini and iPad Air, main dishes including doubted, and I began to “chewing” a decision. But before he could swallow the answer, I choked in italics, palatal, and capital, the news of the 13-inch iPad. In Your Face!, Which cake on the face of the poor Gates or freshly washed glass door. So what is a 13-inch iPad? logically be asking some. In principle, and for proper sounding But Grullo, must be greater in size, price and weight, which should not be good bait to fish swimming in the stormy sea of ​​the technological. The screen will look better (bigger, which is not the same, but we understand …). There will be pending the resolution but this does not answer the main questions that assail us: what is it?, What is the main objective?, Who is it for? … ie what is the “high concept”? A larger iPad would be more difficult to keep on your lap, while you read sitting on the couch, in bed, it would not be more comfortable, unless a descendant of the Marquis de Sade comes to mind rather quickly, and the portability is completely sacrosanct into question, so what goes where Apple with this new movement much anxiety, as a surprise and interest, provokes us? It seems the answer is summed up in one word that is very familiar to all: DESK. The 13-inch iPad would be the desktop iPad: what it comes to mean, perhaps, is that this new device from Infinite Loop, would add to the screen size, other features not negligible and that basically summarizes a processing capability comparable with that of a current portable. And did not suffer from “gorilla arm” working on the table with an iPad? With the current 10-inch iPad, no, so presumably with the 13-inch either, as you always keep his elbow on the table or, when you wake up, you do a few centimeters and only for an instant. We are confident that with the passage of months we will see how this issue specific 13-inch iPad, but what I know is that I was close to finding the right solution to my personal dilemma between the Mini and the Maxi, and it turns out now, in a matter of months, we will also have an iPad XXL.







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