Venezuela governed by a president who promotes looting

We could not believe a report in the Venezuelan digital newspaper “The Pin” 9-11-13 informed us that President Nicolas Maduro ordered the occupation and selling all products of all stores in the chain of appliance stores Daka. The president questioned said “I have immediately ordered the occupation of that network and get the products for sale at a fair price town, there’s nothing left on the shelves.” “The bourgeoisie ensures that these measures I am taking these actions terror and global investments are not coming to our country What does the parasitic bourgeoisie? What I idly stay? What accept that plunder our people? “Asked Maduro. And we wonder: How long will this crazy rule Venezuela? The same statement said “President Nicolas Maduro said that” The Daka store owners are being held in the SEBIN “. He also said “The on wreck of appliances is 1000%. “This network will give Cadivi dollars to get here so you do not complete it by imports. Well surprise as “adding that the appliances have a premium of up to 1000% and 3000% in some cases. “Also I saw the images, so the bourgeoisie when it feels powerful, poor abused. Thieves are anti-Christian, rob the poor to rich. ” The day after the unfortunate decision Maduro were pictures and videos on social networks what happened outside and inside stores intervened, people were rampant in some stores what happened was an uncontrolled looting as we indicated some news, what happened in Naguanagua store is just one example. How easy it is to take over the affairs of others, here’s a video that explains everything, is it or not which promoted Maduro looting by ordering the occupation of these stores? Decent people would shout Thieves, thieves! As witnesses to these facts some wondering Is this the Venezuela we want? And what did the police, where was I? # t = 187 The answers to these last questions are found in a vehicle photographs you saw police officers charged electrical boxes completely empty shops and upon completion of the order of Miraflores crazy. Why ask these officers who were on patrol wearing all that merchandise within government vehicle? Did you participate in the looting? You bought and paid what there loaded? Who authorized this? Unfortunately the news of this event do not say anything about the version of the owners or managers Daka chain, leaving a big gap on the actions taken and makes us wonder a few things such as: How to believe “Cool Lying” that the articles in this appliance retail chain were up to 3000% surcharge? How to believe a person who is constantly acting like a lunatic? How to accept these actions by the president? Do these actions are of an authoritarian government? Is this the start of things to come?




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