What it takes to be a hacker?

What does it take to be a hacker? First of all MANY eager to learn. A good knowledge of English helps a lot, because, unfortunately, there is little documentation of hacking that has been translated into Spanish. It is convenient to have mounted a LAN testing to at least 2 computers connected with crossover cable. The computers on the LAN must have installed a variety of operating systems that depend on the evidence we want to perform, even taking into account the distribution of operating systems worldwide is appropriate that one of them has Microsoft Windows NT 4 + SP6a and other any Linux or UNIX distribution. As Microsoft Windows 2000 gain in popularity will require a computer that has it installed. If we have enough powerful computers can install additional operating systems in virtual machines (eg. With VMware program from http://www.vmware.com). We can give a more detailed explanation: Imagine going to the doctor’s office and say “I want you to teach me to be a doctor” or I approach the world karate champion and say “I want you to show me in a moment everything you know karate.” Do you think all those weekends that have spent many studying is kidding?, What you expect me to say?, If male, pick out all these magic words, and that’s it. If you still want me to explain, here’s a basic script: Basic Computing. Learn concepts about how a computer works, what is the CPU, number systems, Boolean algebra, concepts of operating systems. Hard disk partitions, what is a partition? Operating system, what is? Memory Management Disk Access Management Task Planning What is a program, source code, object code, compile, linkar, executable Learn Technical English is very important. Get into an academy if necessary. Learn how to use the computer either at the user level. Readers e-mail (no joke, some people even use them, do not know to use them), try several, Eudora, for example News readers, as Several browsers, Explorer, Netscape, various tools IRC clients, as Learn what those options you never use, snooping in the options, this phase may seem silly, but it’s not. Learn how to use Internet resources, such as browsers, some people even use a browser to search for something, not find it, because it really does not know what words to look for. With a little practice, you learn to get to the point of what is sought. The vast majority of the things you are asking here are in two kicks by using a search engine. When looking for something ask yourself: What words can contain a web page that contains the document or program you seek? I’ll give an example: Imagine that someone comes in and asks for a free firewall and someone responds to install the firewall “Freedom”, but does not say where it is. Then, the questioner could ask: Where I can I lose? But instead, what you could do, is to go to http://www.google.com and search for “Freedom”. Logic and naturally, “Freedom” means freedom in English, is a very common word, you will thousands of websites, and not find it, so it is best to narrow your search, use more words, eg “firewall Freedom” . And always thinking, What words contain the website I want?. Learn HTML to develop web pages, and once you know, get with Java Script, scan the scripts developed by others to see how they work. By learning Java Script, you will learn some basics of programming, control structures, loops, if statements, etc.. Learn a programming language, Visual Basic could be, although, perhaps in my opinion, would be more interesting to learn some console-oriented language, such as Quick Basic. Although you do not know, probably you have it installed, open a DOS window and run QBasic. Once you get through apañes with QBasic, get with Visual Basic. You can continue with Java, Do not forget C and C + +. You can also mess with Python and Perl. Remember that the way to learn programming is not brooding elbows but programming. Make your own programs, trying to get into Open Source projects, maybe you can learn something. Several years later, learn well about Internet protocols, how things work, Settle also other operating systems such as Linux or BSD. By now, you should be ready to use sockets in C or C + +, do something about networking software, a server, even a minichat. Sign up for computer security lists, and look for tutorials or books you find on network security. Naturally, security lists not going to teach you about it, but you will gradually entering that world, remember new vulnerabilities notices that appear and often remind you past vulnerabilities. Although not essential to know assembler, you should know at least that is, a program is organized inside, that’s what happens when it becomes a process, which is the stack, the head, the. TEXT, the opcode that is, it can be fun to use an emulator of a microentrenador for microprocessors practices and learn some assembly and do some practice. Not because they can be helpful, but because it gives you other advanced vision of what programs actually do, even when you program in C, you have another different view. For example, you know that local variables are created on the stack and therefore are lost when you leave the function?, If I say that without knowing assembler, it may sound like a Chinese. A little trick to move faster, but not essential, you can enroll in the faculty of computer science, with that acortarás some time. If you do not have sufficient notice, as you can pull academies and workshops. Studying on your own, sometimes you can get stuck, combines the two methods, advances on your own and what you teach. By that time you’ve got homework, come back several years. Do not confuse with hacker hacker. On the contrary to what everyone thinks, “pirate” is the literal translation of hacker. In Spanish is called “hacker” who are engaged in the copying and distribution of illegal software. Therefore, hackers are those who simply copy the icon punctured disk, with the program and that the recorder do the rest of work.

Translated by German Romantic Text from: http://www.duiops.net/hacking/que-se-necesita-hacker.htm

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