CFK Health: Towards a restricted hyper

Cardiac involvement presidential happened yesterday to occupy the center of the national political agenda. Although the issue is controversial in the political climate grows the impression that the resumption announced for next Monday show a president far from fully comply with the duties of his office. This conviction was paid by the suggestive words yesterday Communication Secretary Alfredo Scoccimarro: “President Cristina Kirchner will be able to resume their formal activities next Monday.” The formal term seems to refer to serious limitations to meet the “real activities”, ie the bulk of the presidential agenda. Cardiologists viewed yesterday saying that the arrhythmia being monitored would be a Class “not benign” which require strict care to minimize the risk of myocardial infarction, based on the existence of a coronary artery. The latest official statements speak of a gradual return to full activity, so do not compatibilizaría with identified medical opinions that suggest a permanent physical limitation. In a statement yesterday, Favaloro Foundation, it explicitly transferred responsibility presidential doctors, who will now inform managers. But Dr. Facundo Manes closely follow the evolution of the health of CFK and advice would also be linked to the treatment of psychiatric disorders of the president. A version of medical sources said that would be decided the beginning of psychiatric sessions as part of the anti-stress treatment that seems to critical to control the heart problem. An increasingly complicated scheme The political effect of this health picture is quite complex. The first lines of the government and the president would have assumed that they would see little and that their interventions in the discussion of the measures to be taken would be slim. This diluted presence would be presented as part of a gradual recovery. An important unknown is what impact this scheme in the operation of a government facing an economic emergency loss reflected by BCRA reserves and rising inflation. According to some opinions, could exacerbate tensions Guillermo Moreno and Axel Kicillof with Amado Boudou and Hernán Lorenzino and also those of the latter with Carlos Zannini and Florencio Randazzo. Yesterday it emerged that Cristina had ordered to stop the rumors about changes in the cabinet, because she would not press for news operations of their relatives. In a demonstration that, despite everything, is willing to retain the last word, yesterday CFK was deciding who the new president of PJ Buenos Aires, since today is the deadline for the submission of applications. While the choice seemed to be between the mayor of La Matanza Fernando Espinoza and Daniel Scioli, not ruled imperial gesture, as the appointment of Julio de Vido. To all this, learned also that the president would receive in the next few hours the brother of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and governor of Barinas, Adan Chavez, who traveled to Buenos Aires to open and close the “International Seminar: ‘The political legacy and ideological Hugo Chavez ‘”which was carried out from yesterday until tomorrow at the Cultural Center of Cooperation Floreal Gorini, in Corrientes 1543. According to one version, Chavez would be a Maduro sent to inform the Argentine government of the Bolivarian government plans to the critical economic situation facing Venezuela. The idea is that both governments articulate some joint measures to address the alleged conspiracy split up turning.



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  1. Her health will not improve to better conditions, the case is that we need a person with all the “faculties” in order to solve the terrible problems that the nation has to face, not only in the internal order, but also in the external one.My opinion is that nobody is “unique” and there must be a conscience of considering being apparted away to leave opportunity to other compatriot.


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