Jailbreak iOS 7 ready for download: Beware of spam that threatens the network!

The truth is that sometimes we get too carried naive for wanting to be the first to have something to do with Apple, or just curious in the most perverse and absurd tricks that some hackers have decided to get as roadblocks. The worst part is that precisely these tricks have all the ingredients to attract attention, and become viral in a flash the whole network we’re on the subject. In this case, so wait for the jailbreak for iOS 7 news developers many officers and especially the anguish of not knowing when will iOS jailbreal 7 at the moment although we knew we could upgrade to iOS 7.0.2 or iOS 7.0.3 for the jailbreak will be compatible, ended with a spam virus that threatens the network. In this case, the promise comes from a website itself, at least to me, it leaves much to be desired in terms of spam well mounted. And is that the site is a personal domain as revealing as http://www.7jailbreak.com sobering. After you log in, see how Youtube has removed the video content spam. And last but not least the proposal made iOS jailbreak download 7 was the least ridiculous It is promising that no more access to the portal, all they wanted would jailbreak their iPhone with iOS 7 without installing anything. I do not understand is how people fall so easy these scams. Right now I, in the case of rather follow Twitter jailbreak your developers who are the only ones I fio on the subject.

This they see, besides IS PURE LIE, THEY ARE THE SPAM! ! They play with people’s anxiety also come later misunderstandings. Greetings ! !




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