WhatsApp? For PC? Careful, it’s a scam

WhatsApp? For PC? Careful, it’s a scam Surely many of you have read the message “Install Whatsapp free on your computer”, then Attention! It is a new online fraud used by scammers to get new affiliates to Premium SMS services. The “hook” of the message that invites users to install WhatsApp free PC seems reliable even listed as “News – Published Suggested” on Facebook. This offer ensures that “WhatsApp now available for PC and works great.” But nothing is further from reality, it is a scam in the making. How does the scam online to download WhatsApp for PC? To begin using it, first requires access to a download page (which is not the official website of WhatsApp), which promises free download WhatsApp for PC. With the excuse of checking that the user is human, you are asked to enter your mobile number. Apparently it makes sense if you want to install this messaging service related to your mobile number. After this operation, the user receives a text message which is the direction from where to download the program. The application that is downloaded is actually Bluestacks Android emulator, which allows you to install Android applications on your computer. This first message has a cost of 1.7 euros, but you still get new and repeated text messages explaining how to follow the steps to download the program. Scammers already have what I wanted, mobile number, and then enlisted as a subscription service which the user can expect to pay up to 37 euros per month through Premium SMS will receive on your mobile, and unsubscribe at a cost of up to 7 euros. Both the developer of WhatsApp as experts warn that it is a scam, because currently there is no application or program to install WhatsApp on your computer. To avoid these scams, you should always be careful where you drop things: Always check the URL and not rely on the “Like” or logos, because that can be easily copied. And most importantly, do not enter data such as the phone number, passport number, etc, if you are not quite sure who we are giving.





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