ios 4.3 on iphone 3G, ipod touch 2G 2 Whited00r through Whited00r

…launches version 5, with similar speed but in your 3gs 2g ipod touch or iphone 3g or two. Thanks to the optimization of speed, multitasking and consumes less ram! The Forgotten 2 and 3g now it can renew with shift click restore more! Whited00r multitasking Multitasking is optimized for low-memory environments. You can manually select background applications, by simply holding down the home button while in an application. The bar also provides multitasking music controls and rotation lock function Home Screen With Whited00r, your iPhone or iPod Touch will have the iOS 4 user interface. Establish a Home screen background without slowing down your device, enjoy a reflective Dock translucent status bar. Remember that Whited00r does not use WinterBoard for GUI changes, so you will not have to worry about your device slow down! Whited00r includes folders Folders. This is an exclusive feature of Whited00r, real folders bring iOS 3. This is an example of a characteristic well behaved. Whited00r Reminders Reminders app includes iOS 5. Create lists of tasks with ease. iCloud iCloud stores your documents stored application or game and wirelessly pushes them to Dropbox where you can share with Whited00r devices. Video recording Whited00r includes the application of best recording video. The recording quality is better than that offered by the application in the AppStore. Safari Whited00r offers some useful markers, such as “Find in Page” and “Flash Video Converter”. The latter allows you to watch video of most Flash sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. You can also visit the mobile and install Whited00r alphanumeric password for your device. No software limitations Whited00r allows all native features hidden within the official Apple firmware. Battery Percentage, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), tethering via Bluetooth and via USB, cellular data network fields and icons Emojii are just some examples. Also allow your habit of using and carrying unsigner packages to avoid extra charges by tethering. Whited00r 5 Newsstand application comes with a newspaper stand. Today is a web application designed to keep in touch with Whited00r community. Jailbreak All Whited00r firmwares comes with a built-jailbreak. You need not know how to use jailbreak tools. The latest version of Cydia Saurik is included and fully functioning. We also have a private warehouse settings for advanced users. Carrier Unlock White00r is a software update, even if you need unlocking company. No software needed for unlocking. Just install Unlocker editing rather than normal if you need unlocking company. Whited00r App Store users can enjoy an alternative in the AppStore to find iOS3 most compatible applications. If you need the App Store classic that can be launched from Safari bookmarks. iOS 4.3 ipsw x 3G Unlocked: (jailbreak included) 3G iOS 4.3 ipsw x Normal: (jailbreak included) iphone-3g-normal-mirrors / iOS 4.3 ipsw x 2 Unlocked: (jailbreak included) iOS 4.3 ipsw x 2 Normal: (jailbreak included) http: / / ipsw x ipod touch 2 (jailbreak included) custom firmwar’sx Installation Beginners : DFU Open Redsn0w and select “Tools”, “Pwned DFU”. Please read all information provided by Redsn0w (connect the device via USB. Close and click “continue” to enter DFU mode. Or IREB of sn0wbrez! Installation Open iTunes on the screen of your device. Right click Restore holding Alt (Mac OS) or Shift (Windows) at the same time and select the Whited00r software update (. ipsw) on your computer. Complete installation After installation (can take up to 15 minutes twice a restart the device) iTunes will ask if you want to restore from a backup. Please choose “Setup a new iPhone / iPod” to improve speed and avoid strange problems. Clean installation is better and how not only problems . link:

Whited00r official video, run…





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