Up the RAM chip devices with A4 or smaller

Surely more than once wanted to have more SPEED habras on your iDevice, sea and Best PERFORMANCE para Having a Game or Application or paragraph Power Simply Enjoy A Better Experience USE. Whatever the cause, never hurts to have some more speed is Our Devices. In this in Inglés tutorial learn how to overclock CPU LÃ iDevice Our Easy and safe way, SO DO ANY of We Can and Yes undo the process simply does not like results. Before You Start A Topic acerca small tarball FAQ: What is overclok? According to Wikipedia: Overclock is not usual anglicized computer USO. Literally on the clock, is say, Increase clock frequency of the CPU. The Practice Known As overclocking (Formerly Known As undertiming) aims Reach For para mayor UN SPEED electronic component watch (By Above the SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer). The idea is to no free PERFORMANCE Higher, or Exceed Current installments of PERFORMANCE, although this may entail a loss of stability or shorten the life Component. The Bottom Line: It’s A Process Alters WHICH Clock Frequency With Which normally works PROCESSOR of our iDevice, of-way May we Enjoying more SPEED. A priori, we seem to True UN wonderful as this process I could equip our iDevices more sin SPEED Having No Negative Impact on the … But is ALL THIS the Right? Not at ALL. In Logical Thinking Is That If PROCESSOR of Our device works more, this will need more energy, you say I spend more battery. The more overclock A DURATION Less Battery. Is It Safe overclocking DO? In theory yes, long Too WHEN not force the CPU, in this case it would happen would be I could chip burn and we would sin iDevice: (To Avoid overclocking we DO THIS ONE Within limits below INDICARE Fixed It so That Our processor does not run any risk to work more. Also Hay While To Say What is Reality iDevices Processors Have Been underclockeados (contrary to overclock Process) portion para ensure Apple way so DURATION A mayor and Less Battery Warming iDevice. In all modes worth mentioning That neither I nor charge SceneBeta evil MAKES USE Be given a tutorial on this, or this Same Problems That Can cause. Use it Always Under Your Own Risk and Responsibility 😉 Will it work on my iDevice? It should. Supposedly this process applies to all types of iDevice starting with the iPhone, iPod Touch Passing and To The iPad, and should work on ANY of the iDevice models, REGARDLESS of the iOS version. Let’s begin: After brief introduction of this Let’s start with the tutorial. DO Power Process To Que Sera What we need: A Jailbroken iDevice Having ON SSH Access portion UN alienating plain text editor, Notepad As The First Que Sera WE Connect your iDevice to the computer. Connected Once we establish a connection using the SSH, I personally opted USE iFunbox portion. Once we to Access Online to the following path “/ private / etc” and locate the file “fstab” as is stated in the Screenshots below: Come to “Raw File System” and click DO On Private Folder Once there, click on the Folder WE “etc” And it will find the file “fstab” Once we have found the file “fstab” It will be MAKE A Best Backup This way I can restore Whenever Necessary sea. So That’s before editing anything DO A copy of the original file, the computer. I check the copy I WILL Que Sera open the file con un plain text editor, in my case I will use the USE Windows Notepad (or Notepad). Once opened will see the following: / Dev/disk0s1 / hfs rw 0 1 / Dev/disk0s2s1 / private / var hfs rw 0 2 Now I WILL insert Que Sera few lines in this file will be the Things That Cambien clock VELOCITY The Processor Working Our iDevice. Copier and pegad the following code above the TODO: do Alpine sysctl-w = hw.cpufrequency_max??? 000000 sysctl-w = hw.cpufrequency??? 000000 sysctl-w = hw.cpufrequency_min??? 000000 In the second line SEE The Word “apline”. This is the Default Password Having By SSH access, if the input has changed yours. Now we will replace DO I Que Sera THE interrogations “???” By The CPU SPEED with which we want our work Processor so That the value 600 indicates May our work at 600mhz processor or the value 800 indicates That the work to 800mhz processor. In the two lines First we replace the??? For the same value, the Maximum Frequency indican THESE normal clock and our Processor, while the last line indicate the Minimum value to what will work the processor, ie when our iDevice Be at rest. Taking into account Processors Thought That Every model that best suited para Values ​​Each of the Following They son, reemplazad only the??? By the numbers below: iPhone 2G – iPod Touch 2G 500 (max. 550) 500 (max. 550) 50 iPhone 3G – iPod Touch 3G 580 (max. 630) 580 (max. 630) 50 iPhone 3GS 750 (max. 850) 750 (max. 850) 60 iPhone 4G – iPod Touch 4G 950 (max. 1000) 950 (max. 1000) 70 iPad 970 (max. 1000) 970 (max. 1000) 70 The Values ​​That he Exposed Child’s What I recommend the longer-form què of this will more or less balance com UN PERFORMANCE of our iDevice and the LIFE OF THE BATTERY, although you can always put the settings to NO PROBLEM BUT ultimate sin will touch recharge before the iDevice. Now if I inform you exceed the Maximum That exposed here could have negative effects on the iDevice, as errors, instability and in some cases may occur inclusó That Your iDevice CPU itself permanently ruin. Once we replaced the interrogations by the values ​​here expestos the file “fstab” in The iPhone 3GS case, should quedar As a continuation: do Alpine sysctl-w hw.cpufrequency_max = 750000000 sysctl-w hw.cpufrequency = 750000000 sysctl-w hw.cpufrequency_min = 60000000 / Dev/disk0s1 / hfs rw 0 1 / Dev/disk0s2s1 / private / var hfs rw 0 2 Once Process Made All save the file “fstab” and we transfer it to our iDevice, on the road in La which was the original, reboot the devices and … “Voila” to increase speed Enjoy our iDevice. To Make the test with only Bastara open Cydia or a web page in Safari heavy, At Least In My Case Have Been RESULTS of notable 😉 Note: It is worth mentioning in some iDevices Method That did not work causing the iDevice Enter the “safe mode” if it does give ESA status only restores the file “fstab” original and Restart. In the worst cases Restore iDevice touch you.




WARNING: This processor can BURN or shorten its life



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