How to Add RAM on an Apple device

Warning: May decrease the life of your disk device, so do it at your own risk. This works but nobody takes responsibility. I tried it on my iPhone 3G and it works. Steps & Requirements: To PC or Mac program to enter the System files iDevice (I use iFunBox post I have Wifi and USB is faster all) down one http://www.4shared plist editor program. com/file/6GYY2OJc/plistset.html In the plist editor should create a file called “” (without quotes) If they can not create, open another aconcejo *. plist and “save Como ..” rename the file and you and place you the following: (erasing what exists within the file) If you want more than 512 mb memory:






For more than 256 memory:

EnableTransactions KeepAlive Label OnDemand ProgramArguments /sbin/dynamic_pager -F /private/var/vm/swapfile -H 10485760 -L 285212672 -S 268435456 RunAtLoad

Then I saved and have to move via SHH to / System / Library / LaunchDaemons and put permissions 0755, can use iFile or another for permits should also create another file called “” Putting in:


Move it to / Library / Preferences and put permissions 0755 Reboot iDevice and go.

PS. The only detail that sometimes if I want to release meroria sbsettings me to get to safe mode madar sometimes not always but just in case If you want the facts and plist files can download them directly from here / file / KMOPFvXm / MEMORIA.html

Note: They can do this (to give a reference) iFunbox, DiskAid, iPhone Explorer or iTools. Hope will be useful. For the performance of the processor when it is an iPod, iPad or iPhone and not utlizando these processes required, disconnect the WiFi and put the device in airplane mode. Contact us on:

Thanks for reading ! ! 😃👍👍

If you want more than 512 mb memory:


For more than 256 memory:


The graphics are for illustrative purposes, the explanation is in the text also. Thanks for reading ! ! 😃👍👍



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