From Winamp to Blockbuster, a dozen products and services that ceased to exist this year

As befits the end of the year, and hoping that nothing will happen noticeable in the next three weeks, the site Mashable made a list of ten products and services stopped working this year: Google Reader: the anthology news reader in RSS format, born in 2005, stopped working in the middle of this year. Although many alternatives emerged, there are few who miss the simplicity of this tool to always be aware of what was published in blogs and news sites. On 20 December there to say goodbye to Winamp. Winamp: the mythical MP3 player for Windows (and Android) does not go. The flames of the world, grateful. First HTC (Facebook cell) had almost as little life in the market as the Microsoft Kin, and represented the commitment of Facebook to be the gateway to your phone. It prospered or that tool or the First HTC, a smartphone with Android that brought conventional factory installed. Apple iPhone 5: When Apple debuted the 5S model, also showed 5C, and confirmed the break in the historical lineage: the iPhone 5 was discontinued this year, and he was replaced at 5C, in between the 5S and 4S . Altavista: the miracle is that has reached 2013. But the search engine, one of the most popular in the world pre Google, no longer goes: Marissa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo! (owner finder) decreed an end in July. There will be more local Blockbuster. Photo: Archive BlockBuster: of Argentina was in 2010, but survived in the United States and some local movie rental service via the Internet. Not anymore: close to 300 local I had, it will purge its DVD delivery service by mail, and will become a competitor of Netflix. unpopular by these shores, was a service that allowed a group of friends to play at being DJs, taking turns to play music I listened to the rest. The company will focus on a tool to allow you to broadcast live musicians. MySpace Classic: no need to read this list to know that MySpace was left without momentum in the race of social networking, the sad thing was that half year the company was relaunched as a music promotion service and made a fresh start . Literally: the old profiles disappeared without a trace. Silent Circle Lavabit and Edward Snowden sparked a political and social storm planetary dimensions to reveal how the NSA spy roughly everyone, even having access to encrypted services. In the time it prepared its publication, exchanged emails with journalists using Lavabit an email service insurance, the latter closed in August to avoid having to provide information to the U.S. government, other service, Silent Circle, made a similar decision. Google Checkout: Internet giants are not always successful with everything they want. In 2006 Google launched Checkout, digital payments service to compete with PayPal, which was unsuccessful and now is integrated into Wallet, its mobile payments platform ..



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